Do you need cost-efficient market research?

Twisted Toast will help you with your market research


Market research is important because it provides you with valuable information you cannot get in any other way.

If you want to quickly test a new product name, need to know how your target market in Gauteng feels about your new shop, understand how people use your new eCommerce website and app or if you simply need to ask a few basic questions to current and potential customers, market research can help you a lot.

Our market research team at Twisted Toast has proven expertise, skill and experience in conducting useful research projects quickly and cost-efficiently. We know what to do, how to do it and we’ve conducted many market research projects before.

Whether you need brand market research or simply want assurance that what you are doing in the market is understood by customers, we can help.

This is how we can transform your market research from a pain to a pleasure:

1. You’ll be happy with the cost

Market research can be expensive. To make sure your research project remains efficient, we use online market research tools and methodologies.

2. You’ll get results quickly

Our approach to primary online market research is to generate market feedback quickly. This helps you discover if you need to do further market research, or if your online research study is enough to help you make decisions.

3. Reports are simple and easy to understand

We will design the research in such a way that your results can be interpreted visually and easily, streamlining your decision processes.

Don’t let the market industry’s fondness for industry jargon and research mumbo jumbo put you off. At Twisted Toast we have commissioned many research projects as clients ourselves. This means we cut to the chase quickly in an understandable way, so that you have the info you need quickly.

Don’t delay, contact us now to help you ease the pain of market research.


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