How Twisted Toast can help you

Consulting, strategy, brand management and design

•  Brand and marketing consulting
•  Brand marketing and content marketing strategy
•  Brand creation, design, management and development
•  Brand personality, identity, logo and visual language design and development
•  Brand collateral, brochures, catalogues, newsletters and infographics

Content marketing

•  Brand narrative development
•  Idea conceptualisation, design, copywriting, social media and newsletters

Event management

•  Event conceptualisation, management and execution
•  Product launch events executed in South and southern Africa
•  Full service corporate events of any scale
•  Entertainment and celebrity access


•  Mobile-friendly e-commerce website development
•  Product catalogue listing
•  Easy checkout
•  Payment integration
•  Automated fulfilment


•  Messaging development
•  Reputation management
•  Bespoke media interaction
•  Story amplification
•  Brand influencer marketing

Software development

•  Low latency, customised, automated auction systems: Altum Systems
•  Custom-made, agile software development and web apps
•  Automated transaction, calculation and processing engine creation
•  User experience architecture and design
•  Financial institution, transactional server and value added services integration
•  iOS and Android app design and development
•  Brand marketing software application design and development
•  Automated design applications for Adobe InDesign and PDF

Assembly Language, C, C++, Visual C, C#, Visual Basic .NET, PostScript, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Swift, Objective-C, Java for Android

Website design and development

•  Custom-developed secure transactional website creation (WINS stack)
•  Premium WordPress website design and development (LAMP stack)
•  Original content design, development and maintenance

Advertising and motion graphics

•  Advertising idea conceptualisation, copywriting and design
•  Motion graphic animation and automated data visualisation
•  Presentations: Interactive PDF, Prezi, Keynote and PowerPoint


Twisted Toast • Marketing Agency Johannesburg

Created 1 April 2011


Early stages of The Toast brand identity development circa 2011