The Story of TOAST Beer

By 30 August 2012 Posts

What goes into a beer? Here at Twisted Toast, it’s purest water, finest malt extract, choicest hops and premium creativity, seasoned with a splash of our characteristic passion and enjoyment. This is the story of how Twisted Toast began brewing its own beer.

It begins with the 2D isometric motion graphics solution we produced for Corporate Image and SABMiller Group Technical in July 2012. Requiring an animation explaining their beer-brewing process, SABMiller and Corporate Image turned to Twisted Toast Digital.

After a trip to the Alrode Brewery to take in first-hand the magic of beer creation, work began in earnest on the project and within a few weeks animation describing the brewing process was something of a background track Toast HQ, so much so that when Creative Director Erik Verster jokingly mentioned that we know so much about brewing beer we should brew our own, CEO Kim Browne said: “We’re doing it!”
Within two weeks, Twisted Toast had done all the necessary research into home brewing, and were off to local home brew specialists Brewcraft. There Erik  met with resident Master Brewer Antoinette Phillips, who kitted out The Toasters with everything we needed for the perfect homebrew!

Once back at the office, brewing could begin in earnest. Purest water, finest malt extract and choicest hops were added into the homebrew kit and left to sit, allowing the magic of fermentation to run its course.

We hardly sat on our laurels though, while the beer bubbled away happily as yeast turned sugars into alcohol, Erik produced the signature label for TOAST Homebru, The breakfast of champions.

After one week of fermentation, the first batch of TOAST Homebru was ready for alcohol testing. With a specific gravity reading of 5%, a golden, unfiltered colour and a strong, hoppy nose, hopes were high for the first batch of TOAST Homebru. Bottles were washed and prepped and bottling began in earnest. Every bottle of TOAST Homebru is hand-prepared, from the beer itself to the capping and labelling of the bottle!

After two weeks of aging in the bottle, these were ready for testing. Our first tasting was an auspicious moment and such, corporate neighbours Leon Jansen and Sharon Lloyd from Accountable Media made sure to pop in.

Erik Verster, Twisted Toast MD Louis Eksteen and Leon Jansen from Accountable Media sample the first ever batch of TOAST Homebru.