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Twisted Toast

Twisted Toast Digital is a hybrid marketing agency that offers intelligent marketing thinking in a hybrid mix between traditional and digital execution

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Who We Are

Twisted Toast Digital consists of a team of creative marketing professionals who work in our hybrid marketing agency focused on delivering excellent strategic brand development solutions for our valued clients in a bespoke and practical manner.

We are an experienced, skilled team capable of executing a wide variety of on-point, relevant and creative digital and traditional marketing campaigns and projects on behalf of clients across many sectors.

Our expertise includes creative and brand strategy, brand creation and development, design, websites, content marketing, custom magazine publishing and editorial content creation, advertising, software and native mobile app creation, social media management, brand journalism and writing, custom publishing, eCommerce, inbound marketing and research.

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Twisted Toast Digital • Hybrid Marketing Agency

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Who We Are

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Our Work

Twisted Toast Digital is a hybrid marketing agency that excels at applying an optimal blend of strategic thinking and creative execution in answering briefs from our clients, executed in a hybrid between digital and traditional origination

Our Work


we love following media trends and often write about how we experience the changes brought about in marketing disciplines by digital and other strategic driving forces, along with sharing our own personal observations of business and life in general

Jun 2019

Of Fakebook and Instafame

Real feelings seldom find traction on the anti-social media landscape of today. Either everything’s absolutely fabulous (“I’m sooo blessed”), or so horrifically terrible the world’s going to end. No “I’m just sommer feeling slightly blue today because I stubbed my toe a little bit and it made me remember that one fabulous holiday in Durbs when I was young and innocent”.

May 2019

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at the heart of what we offer clients at twisted toast digital is excellence in brand development, across many different digital and traditional marketing execution component elements


Social Media Management

Digital Advertising

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Software Development

Digital Marketing

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Brand Identity Development

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Visual Language Creation

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