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We are happy to announce Twisted Toast’s corporate co-sponsorship of the Better Neighbourhoods Fourways initiative, a forward-thinking project dedicated to improving the local community's quality of life through activities such as cleaning, restoring, creating job opportunities, fighting crime and fostering accountability within the Fourways neighbourhood. Being an agency that runs out of the Fourways area, our team believes this initiative underscores our commitment to community care and presents an open invitation for other businesses in the area to participate in this meaningful endeavour.

Atterbury giant Springbok shirt student prank campaign for Atterbury Property

By |2023-10-27T07:52:16+02:0026 Oct 2023|Latest Articles, Posts, Blog|

Students' prank leads to positive outcome “Borrowing” of Atterbury's giant Springbok jersey leads to donation to Atterbury Trust With Springbok spirit currently at a high, two Pretoria students took their enthusiasm for the Bokke campaign a bit too far. They decided to “borrow” the giant Springbok jersey that is dressed on the large Angus Taylor statue “Child of the Dust” by Atterbury Property during each Rugby World Cup tournament, for their own purposes. This renowned stone statue stands in front of the company's Clubhouse headquarters in Hazelwood, Pretoria.

Honey on Toast

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The Toast’s 12 birthday feels a bit like those Facebook friendaversaries that clap and cheer as it announces you and so-and-so have been friends for THREE YEARS! When actually you knew each other when you had pimples and braces.

Memories I hold dearest

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Twisted Toast is 12 years old, but my relationship with its founders goes back at least twice that long. Kim and Louis, two of the most interesting people I’ve ever met; joined at the hip, yet so different in character. Kim, the doting mother, wife, organiser, boss.  Louis, the bachelor, strategist, canoeist, raconteur, dreamer. Here are some memories I hold dearest.

May Day

By |2022-07-05T11:28:01+02:0014 May 2020|Posts|

Mayday, mayday – we have a problem. The world around us has gone mad! How did we get to May even? There we were in February, still basking from the afterglow of the December holidays and bam – along came March, which is now May… We’re still here, which says something.

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