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Twisted Toast

Twisted Toast Digital is a hybrid marketing agency that combines traditional and digital strategies to provide intelligent marketing solutions.

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Who We Are

TTwisted Toast Digital is a team of marketing experts who specialises in providing strategic brand development solutions for clients. We are a hybrid agency that combines traditional and digital marketing methods to deliver customised and effective campaigns for a range of industries. Our services include creative and brand strategy, website and app development, content creation, advertising, social media management and more. Our motto is “Semper in Altum” meaning “Always Higher”, which represents our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Who We Are

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Our Work

Twisted Toast Digital is a marketing agency that excels in providing an optimal blend of strategic thinking and creative execution to deliver effective solutions for clients. We use a combination of digital and traditional methods to deliver results.


we love following media trends and often write about how we experience the changes brought about in marketing disciplines by digital and other strategic driving forces, along with sharing our own personal observations of business and life in general

Jun 2022

May 2020

May Day

Mayday, mayday – we have a problem. The world around us has gone mad! How did we get to May even? There we were in February, still basking from the afterglow of the December holidays and bam – along came March, which is now May… We’re still here, which says something.

Dec 2019

Our Services

at Twisted Toast Digital, we specialise in providing excellence in brand development through a variety of digital and traditional marketing methods.


Social Media Management

Digital Advertising

Mobile Apps

Software Development

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing


Brand Magazines



Brand Identity Development

Brand Naming

Visual Language Creation

Brand Collateral

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