Align your brand with a cause that saves lives

October marks the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), a campaign that brings the realities of breast cancer to the forefront of public conversation. With pink ribbons symbolising the struggle, hope and resilience of countless women, this month is far more than just a superficial observance. While awareness is crucial, it’s only a piece of the puzzle in the fight against breast cancer — a condition that is unfortunately increasing among South African women and stands as one of the most common cancers amongst women across races and classes.

The statistics speak volumes

According to the 2019 National Cancer Registry, the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer in South Africa is 1 in 27 for women. Approximately 19.4 million women aged 15 years and older are at risk of being diagnosed with this devastating disease. In 2013, breast cancer and cancers of the female genital tract accounted for 0.7% and 1% of all deaths in South Africa respectively. 

What these numbers underline is the urgent need for more than just awareness — action is of the essence.

Early detection and regular screening

Research shows that early detection is key to effective treatment and a positive prognosis.

Indeed, about 90% of patients survive for many years when the cancer is caught early. Both self-breast examinations and regular mammograms are paramount to early detection and treatment. 

The message is clear: Women should be proactive in safeguarding their health. Whether it’s a Clinical Breast Examination at a CANSA Care Centre, a mammogram, or a home-based self-examination, the steps you take today could save your life tomorrow.

At Twisted Toast Digital we are proud to be associated with our wonderful public benefit organisation client Atterbury Trust, who supports breast cancer screening managed by Screen Her Save Her, through their Triomf Kliniek.

Businesses making a difference

For businesses, aligning with initiatives like BCAM offers an opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility while enhancing brand perception. Taking part in BCAM activities not only fosters community engagement but also boosts employee morale. Moreover, businesses can donate a small percentage of their October earnings to breast cancer research, organise fundraising events or even host free screening clinics for staff and their families. The advantages are not just reputational; they’re transformational. In contributing to a cause that impacts millions, your business becomes part of a larger solution.

I personally love the ILoveBoobies public benefit organisation, particularly their online donation store that features many trendy active and leisure wear products. So far, ILoveBoobies has sold 20 000 pairs of ILoveBoobies branded socks. Get yours here and support their ongoing efforts to offer clinical screenings for South African women who have limited funds and access to medical facilities.

Aligning your business with a noble cause

Cancer survivors often urge everyone to listen to their bodies and not to dismiss any signs, no matter how trivial they may seem. By getting involved in BCAM activities, businesses can help to disseminate crucial information, dispel myths and most importantly, save lives.

Joining hands with organisations that fight against breast cancer can position your brand as compassionate, ethical and socially responsible. It’s a win-win for all involved: the brand gets positive visibility, the employees feel proud, and society benefits from a business that cares.

In conclusion, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is not just a campaign, but a call to action. This October, let’s make it about more than just awareness — let’s make it about life-changing action. By taking an active role in fighting breast cancer, both individuals and businesses can be part of a meaningful, long-lasting impact on public health.