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Twisted Toast Digital: Your Trusted Partner for Bespoke Marketing Solutions

By |2023-06-01T15:04:25+02:001 Jun 2023|Posts|

Big or small, old or new, we can help with all your marketing needs In today’s digital era, the difference between a good business and a great one often lies in its ability to adapt, innovate and leverage technology to communicate effectively with its audience. At Twisted Toast Digital, we understand this intricate landscape and are committed to offering bespoke marketing solutions, designed to help your business thrive, regardless of its size or the complexity of its needs.

What we can learn from our best friends

By |2023-04-26T12:16:25+02:0026 Apr 2023|Posts|

It’s a dog’s life at The Toast My cocker spaniel fur kid Simba, almost never leaves my side when I’m at home. He is my shadow companion and lights up my day with his always-on zest for adventure, not to mention his larger than life personality! Simba’s smile is contagious when I walk in the door and there are few things better than knowing he’s always keen to embrace doing whatever I’m busy with, alongside me (unless it involves his bath time…).

Our clients make us who we are

By |2023-03-30T19:08:23+02:0030 Mar 2023|Posts|

Shared values lead to mutual respect At Twisted Toast Digital, we believe our clients make us who we are. As a digital first, hybrid marketing agency that values excellence in every aspect of our work, we know that the success of any business depends on the quality of its clients. This is why we choose our clients carefully, seeking those who share our values, vision and goals.

A toast to 12!

By |2023-03-30T14:14:07+02:0030 Mar 2023|Posts|

AI made me do it If you're looking for a lucky number, look no further than 12! Not only is it divisible by 2 and 3, making it a hit with mathematicians, but it also has significance in astrology, with 12 different zodiac signs to choose from. And let's not forget the practical applications - when you need a convenient quantity of something, a dozen, or 12, is always a safe bet. Plus, with 12 hours on a clock, you'll always have time to enjoy all life has to offer! So next time you see the number 12, take a moment to appreciate all the ways it makes life just a little bit sweeter!

When a business bug strikes, turn it into an advantage

By |2023-02-28T14:16:29+02:0028 Feb 2023|Posts|

We all make mistakes, it’s what we do about them that matters As a business owner or manager, making mistakes is an inevitable part of the job. While it can be frustrating to deal with mistakes, let’s call them business bugs, it’s important to remember they can also present an opportunity to improve customer experience and turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Celebrating Joburg’s rejuvenation

By |2022-07-05T11:28:01+02:0011 Jun 2019|Posts|

Recently we found ourselves on the rooftop of an old central Joburg building carefully being completely refurbished for safe and dignified modern residential living. The friendly and enthusiastic host from our client Ithemba, a shareholder in Divercity, was showing us around the impressive Jewel City precinct. We liked it so much we went back the next week too :)

May Day!

By |2022-07-05T11:28:02+02:003 May 2019|Posts|

The future is in your hands By Kim Browne Our elections next week are on the minds of many South Africans as we try to anticipate what the future holds. Small business owners such as [...]

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