Fast-track competitive advantage with Twisted Toast Digital’s new generative AI advisory service

In the frantic world of digital innovation, staying ahead is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. From the C-suite to your frontline, one breakthrough technology holds the key to redefining productivity, innovation and business competitive advantage – generative AI.

As a digital marketing agency specialising in providing generative AI large language model (LLM) advisory solutions, we’re introducing a revolutionary new AI client service focused on maximising the inherent benefits of optimally utilising LLMs in business. We will guide your company in leveraging the transformative capabilities of integrating tools such as ChatGPT, Microsoft 365 Copilot and Google Bard into everything that happens in your business, ensuring you stay ahead in this era of exponential technological advancement.

In a recent insightful article in The Economist (16 July 2023), titled Your employer is (probably) unprepared for artificial intelligence , the grave business dangers of not keeping up with the transformative nature of generative AI in your organisation is explained via the concept of the diffusion of technological improvements.

This simply means that even for transformative technological advances, it takes time to become the norm in commerce. Some businesses are faster that others to adapt to the realities of new frontiers, while others fall behind. As evidenced by the advent of the internet, companies that act quickly and incorporate new tech rapidly throughout their businesses gain long-lasting competitive advances compared to their digital laggard competitors. 

Target audience

Our new generative AI advisory service targets key senior decision-makers in businesses, offering strategic advice tailored to your unique needs. We’ll workshop how to best integrate generative AI into your organisation, delivering a comprehensive strategy to drive adoption throughout your team, including an emphasis on organisation culture change management.

Main benefit: Amplified productivity through generative AI

The promise of generative AI powered by LLMs lies in its ability to automate tasks, optimise workflows and free up valuable time. It facilitates new ways of working, unlocking unprecedented levels of productivity.

Consider this well-know, simple formula: Productivity equals output over input. By introducing generative AI, output increases while input decreases due to the automation of mundane tasks. 

This means an unparalleled boost in productivity for your business, resulting in potentially significant competitive advantage.

Outpacing the competition

The old adage “time is money” has never been more pertinent. The swift adoption of generative AI allows you to leapfrog competitors, creating a clear competitive advantage.

Most businesses are reluctant to incorporate new technologies quickly, resulting in a slower diffusion of technological improvements. As referenced above, this term refers to how innovations permeate an industry, from initial acceptance to widespread use. While generative AI has proven to be adopted faster than other technologies, a significant number of businesses are yet to fully leverage its potential.

Engagement with our agency about generative AI advisory services

Ready to embark on your generative AI journey? Engage with us to be exposed to our unique five-word, five-slide pitch deck, outlining how we’ll guide you in your AI implementation:

  1. Thinking Strategising the optimal role of generative AI within your business, because you need to stay in control.
  2. Briefing Defining specific tasks and objectives for your AI, from creative to functional output and more.
  3. Teaching Training the AI to meet your specific needs, to make sure generation becomes more appropriate for your business over time.
  4. Editing Ensuring the accuracy, style and quality of AI-generated content through judicious modification.
  5. Scaling Expanding the use of generative AI across your business for maximum benefit.

Why us?

As early adopters of generative AI and pioneers of digital innovation, we’re uniquely qualified to advise on its adoption. We’ve seen firsthand how technology improves productivity and are ready to bring this knowledge to your business. Our team combines a deep understanding of generative AI with practical business expertise and a passion for creating outstanding content.

With generative AI, we’re not just predicting the future; we’re building it. Are you ready to join us?