31 August 2023

Louis Eksteen

What downwind surfski paddling teaches us about corporate success

Navigating the sea of business opportunities is much like riding the ocean swells on a downwind surfski paddle. When we think of the infamous Miller’s Run in False Bay, South Africa, it’s not just about battling the elements; it’s about mastering a skill that’s as mentally challenging as it is physically demanding. Much like the business environment, the ocean offers us a mix of risk and reward, teaching invaluable lessons that can be applied in the corporate arena.

Preparation is key: ABCs of success

The first lesson in downwind paddling is awareness, balance and control — surfski legend Dawid Mocke’s guiding ABCs. Similarly, these elements are critical in business. Awareness pertains to knowing your market, your competitors and your own capabilities. Without it, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of opportunities and challenges. Balance refers to the equilibrium between your resources, risk and return. A poorly balanced business model will tip over at the slightest gust of market volatility. Lastly, maintaining control — over your operations, finances and strategies — helps you set the right course.

At Twisted Toast Digital, we ensure our clients are always ahead of the game by providing tailored solutions that acknowledge these ABCs. Whether it’s a robust marketing strategy, stunning visual language and brand identity or a dynamic mobile app, we ensure the balance between traditional and digital approaches is just right for the current conditions.

You can’t catch every wave: The art of choice

In the unpredictable choppy waters of the Miller’s Run, not every swell can be caught. The same applies in business; not every opportunity is right for your company. Despite the best strategies and timing, some waves will pass you by. The lesson here is not one of defeat but of hope — another swell is always just behind the one you missed.

In a landscape where business opportunities are abundant, the key is not to dwell on the missed chances but to prepare for the next. This philosophy of continuous engagement allows us at The Toast to always look for the next big thing for our clients. Whether it’s a missed consumer trend or an untapped market, our team knows that with the right preparation and drive, the next wave is always worth catching.

From small swells to big waves: The Importance of incremental growth

Starting small has its merits. On the Miller’s Run, paddlers often aim for smaller swells to build momentum, making it easier to catch the larger, more rewarding waves. The business lesson is crystal clear: Focus on achievable short-term goals to fuel long-term success. If you manage to make small but consistent advances, you will find yourself, sooner rather than later, riding the big swells at speeds you never thought possible.

In business, as in paddling, the rush of success is addictive. At Twisted Toast we understand the importance of this incremental growth. We often start projects with a pilot phase, enabling our clients to test the waters before diving in feet first. This allows us to refine our strategy continually, making sure that when the big opportunities come, we’re ready to seize them at full speed.

Why partner with Twisted Toast Digital?

The ocean of business is vast and unforgiving. Just like how surfski paddlers need a seasoned coach to guide them, businesses require expert navigators to stay on course. With a premium blend of innovative and traditional solutions, Twisted Toast offers the guidance, advice and tools you need to ride the big waves of your industry.

When you work with us, you’re investing in proven expertise and skill — a team that knows how to catch the swells of opportunity while keeping the boat steady. We prioritise directing your marketing investment towards strategies that yield tangible and enduring rewards.

So, as you take on the challenges and opportunities of the business world, remember, the ocean teaches us to be patient yet assertive, calculated yet daring. Like the ceaseless swells of the Miller’s Run, the tides of business keep coming. Are you ready to catch the next big wave?