Trend 1: The social web and app internet
The way in which the internet is used is changing. With the advent of a new range of mobile connected and enabling devices, the internet is increasingly being used to access dedicated, specifically functional programmes commonly known as apps. These bespoke application tools fit easily into connected lifestyles by delivering specific need satisfaction benefits in a quick and easy manner, via connected devices.Coupled with this trend is the dramatic increase in importance of the social web. Customised social web apps such as Facebook and Twitter have become so important that many internet users (mostly via mobile devices) are experiencing their own customised access to the social web as the entry point to the internet itself.

Trend 2: Rich touch screen mobile media devices
Touch smart phones such as the Apple iPhone 4, BlackBerry Torch, a host of new Android phones and others have revolutionised mobile connected experiences due to the ability to provide seamless access to the app internet and social web (in addition to standard mail, browser and phone connectivity).The Apple iPad 2, BlackBerry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom and other touch tablet devices are taking this revolution a step further by offering tactile, bigger screen mobile media devices to add a significantly enhanced connected device experience to the traditional categories of smart phones and computers.

Trend 3: All brands are content brands
As a direct result of a combination of the first two important trends, a significant new marketing communication trend has developed. This trend is the increasing realisation by brand owners that, in a digitally connected mobile media world, all brands are content brands.This means brand fans expect immediate and relevant communication and content created between themselves and brands, in real time; typically via media content accessible through connected mobile devices. This involves the professional use of the app internet and social web by brand communicators.Brand content has thus become a cornerstone of brand engagement in a digitally connected mobile media world.This mega marketing communication trend requires marketers to engage target audiences in real time, a practise impossible before the advent of connected digital media devices, the app internet and social web.  This in turn leads to the development of real time marketing communication, a discipline which requires brand content creation that engages fans.

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