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Twisted Toast

Twisted Toast Digital will help you tell your brand story in a compelling way, with strategies that work.

We are a creative hybrid marketing agency that combines traditional and digital methods to provide intelligent marketing solutions to help you grow your business.

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We Work for You

TTwisted Toast Digital’s team of marketing experts will assist you with intelligent marketing and brand development strategies that will help your business grow. Our creative hybrid methods combine traditional and digital marketing actions to deliver customised and effective campaigns sure to resonate with your customers. We do this by providing you with creative and brand strategy, website and mobile app development, content creation, advertising, social media management and more. Digital marketing, search advertising, Google Ads and efficient lead generation and conversion are particular skills we offer. Our motto is “Semper in Altum” meaning “Always Higher”, which represents our complete commitment to assist you with achieving your growth goals.

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Who We Are

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Work that works for you

Twisted Toast Digital is a marketing agency that excels in providing you with an optimal blend of strategic thinking and creative execution to deliver effective growth solutions for your business. We use a combination of digital and traditional methods to deliver the results you need for your brand to grow.


as a creative team we love following media trends and often write about how we experience the changes brought about in marketing disciplines by digital and other strategic driving forces, along with sharing our own personal observations of business and life in general

May 2024

The power of persuasion

Blending logic and emotion for effective marketing In the dynamic world of marketing, the art of persuasion stands as a cornerstone for creating compelling campaigns. At Twisted Toast Digital, we believe in the seamless integration of logic and emotion to craft messages that resonate deeply with our audience. This balanced approach not only captures attention but also drives action, ensuring our clients achieve their marketing goals effectively.

Sustainability in marketing

How brands can authentically embrace green initiatives In today’s world, sustainability is more than just a buzzword—it’s a critical component of responsible business practice and a significant factor influencing consumer choices. At The Toast, we understand that authentically embracing green initiatives is essential for brands that want to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers and make a positive impact on the planet. Here’s how brands can authentically integrate sustainability into their marketing strategies.

March 2024

An unwavering human spark in a digital galaxy

Why I love storytelling in our digital age Imagine a world overtaken by the glow of screens, where interactions are orchestrated by algorithms and responses curated by AI. While efficiency reigns supreme, a profound emptiness endures. This is the potential future we face should we lose sight of the very essence that makes us human: Our ability to connect, empathise and create new things.

Leveraging social media content analytics for enhanced engagement

Data-driven Insights to optimise social strategy In the dynamic realm of digital content marketing, social media platforms stand out as powerful tools for connecting with audiences and building brand loyalty. However, the sheer volume of content and the rapid pace at which social media evolves can make it challenging for brands to capture and maintain audience engagement. At Twisted Toast Digital we understand the critical importance of not just participating in social media but strategically harnessing its full potential. 

How We Help You Grow

at Twisted Toast Digital, we specialise in providing you with excellent brand development campaigns through a variety of digital and traditional marketing methods that will help you to grow your own brand.


Social Media Management

Digital and Search Advertising

Mobile Apps

Software Development

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing


Brand Magazines



Brand Identity Development

Brand Naming

Visual Language Creation

Brand Collateral

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