Living la vida local

By Kim Browne

Recently we found ourselves on the rooftop of an old central Joburg building carefully being completely refurbished for safe and dignified modern residential living. The friendly and enthusiastic host from our client Ithemba, a shareholder in Divercity, was showing us around the impressive Jewel City precinct. We liked it so much we went back the next week too :)

Talk about being under construction!

It was the kind of time when the last thing on our minds was being inspired. But there it was. A soft warm feeling in the autumn sun deep in our bellies. A wash of emotion realising what this country of ours can be.

The vibe in Town is incredible. People from all walks of life in the streets, seeing the beautifully patterned graffiti art on the walls. It’s hard to explain adequately in words, it begs to be experienced in person. We even found a Commissioner Street book building, housing two million books at last count. Collectors Treasury, created by the legendary bibliophile Klaas brothers created one of the largest collections of books ever, over a few stories on shelves, stairs, well… everywhere.

At The Toast we sometimes suffer from a case of The Mondays, especially after a good weekend break. But not these two Mondays-in-a-row.

Chatting to our development clients who are involved in the new multi-billion rand rejuvenation of Joburg, it’s heartening to know that even though they are serious about business and that money counts, they are also visibly and emotionally involved and are super passionate about making a lasting positive impact on people’s lives.

In Ithemba’s case their slogan says it all: Make yourself at home. As a new-age space rental and development company, it’s good to see they put the comfort of their valued customers first. Always.

We’re privileged to have a safe, clean home and it’s an honour to work with Ithemba, Divercity, Atterbury, Talis Property Fund and others on rejuvenated residential and commercial developments in the heart of Jozi. We’ve got some big ideas we hope to implement in the Divercity area.

While there we happened upon the Arts on Main complex, around the corner from the intriguingly named William Kentridge arts foundation, the Centre for the Less Good Idea. We had lunch under the trees outside and soaked up the promising new Joburg vibe.

We’re looking forward to spending more time in the inner city and doing work that’s not only commercially relevant, but emotionally sustainable too.

Until next time, Nal’ Ithemba!