What exactly do you guys do?
Twisted Toast is a full service digital and brand content agency, so we’re capable of servicing any digital need from design to development, including social media activation. But our speciality is assisting clients with creating own brand content.

We’re a beverage/car/financial services company. We don’t produce content like media do — what would you do for us?
It’s our belief that all brands are content brands — also in the services or production industries. There are always opportunities for brands to tell stories about what they do and that’s where we come in — helping clients leverage brand content to engage directly with customers.

What are your credentials as a company?
We’re a new company, but as individuals, we’ve been in the digital and media space for ages. Check out our about us page for more info on us.

I’m looking for basic web services such as a website, Facebook and Twitter. Is this something you guys do?
Absolutely! Contact us so we can chat about how we can help you!

What measuring do you guys do on marketing campaigns created by Twisted Toast?
All Twisted Toast campaigns are subject to a full and comprehensive post-campaign discipline where we establish a complete content investment return™ (CIR) metric, through an exhaustive quantitative and qualitative review. Read more about our CIR here.

How can I justify a ROI on your services?
Traditional web recording and other measurement instruments haven’t kept pace with modern connected digital and social media, which is why we’ve developed the Twisted Toast content investment return™ (CIR) metric. As part of every campaign, Twisted Toast performs a full post-campaign analysis using the CIR to establish an exact return on content investment. We can also offer this service in real time, continuously.

We utilise the services of a variety of agencies already, why do we need a “brand content agency”?
We’re experts at content planning and creation, plus promoting that content across a variety of digital channels, including bespoke applications and social media. It’s our belief that there’s a tremendous amount of value in creating own brand content and disseminating it directly to brand fans. That’s what we do. This value is demonstrated by a measurable increase in brand fan engagement through professional brand content creation. Twisted Toast’s services complement traditional brand communication activities such as advertising, sponsorship, publicity through public relations and activation with events. We therefore act as a complementary agency in the brand communication mix.

We have a Twitter and/or Facebook presence already, so what can Twisted Toast offer us?
We’ve developed what we call the Twisted Toast Brand Content Continuum. Depending on your level of desired social media interaction, we can match our services directly with your needs. Take a look and you’ll see that we cater for your social media needs regardless of your current or desired level of social media interaction.

We want a social media presence for our brand, but our budget is limited. Are we wasting our time talking to you?
Absolutely not. We’re incredibly budget-conscious and capable of matching our services to your budget. Feel free to chat to us about your needs. We’ll make your budget work for you via a modular approach to cost estimation, whatever its perceived level.

We have a very defined target audience. We don’t think you guys will “get us”. What do you reckon?
As writers it’s important that we can adapt our tone for your brand communication needs. That said, the fundamentals of clear, concise and frequent communication are the same whether your target audience is 15-year old teenagers or post-retirement seniors.

Is this “brand content” thing just a fad, which will be replaced soon by the next big thing?
Brand content relates back to one of the most fundamental of all human impulses — the need to tell and be engaged by stories. Brands are no different.

What is your USP? Why should we consider doing business with Twisted Toast, rather than more established digital agencies?
Content, and a real understanding of how to leverage your brand content to engage with your brand fans. We fundamentally understand two things: In a digitally connected society with continuous direct access via connected mobile devices to the social media and app Internet, brand marketing communication has structurally changed. Also, through astute content strategy thinking and a practical execution approach, we know how to maximise brand content for fan engagement and excellent content investment return. So we also measure what we do in a way that makes sense to you. And we offer the best coffee and toast in town!

If we were to brief you today to create brand content for us, what is the first thing Twisted Toast will do?
We’d meet with you to perform a full needs analysis. We need to understand where your business is, what your brand content needs are, or could be and what communication channels are available for utilisation. We will use our trademarked Twisted Toast Brand Content Continuum tool to assist with this process of matching your needs with our specific services.

You’ve just started your brand content agency. What assurances can you give us that you know what you’re doing?
Read a little bit more about us for an idea of our credentials.

From your company’s services list it looks as if we can do all of this ourselves. Why should we pay you to do our brand content?
You absolutely can do it all yourselves. While we believe that all brands are content brands, unless content production is central to your business, you may well lack the available resources (time, people, expertise) to continuously produce quality content to share with your brand fans via real time marketing. That’s where we come in.

Can you create and edit quality video content quickly, that we can then put up on our web site?
Absolutely. High definition video creation and fast, professional editing with appropriately designed graphics are some of our key strengths. Contact us to request more information specific to your needs.

What is your definition of “content”?
Anything borne from a content creation event or an inherently valuable but perhaps overlooked brand story — be it a commercial and its creation back story, a sponsorship, an industry event, a blog, a video, a seminar, new marketing campaign, training tools, a message from your CEO, an international visitor, Facebook pictures or Tweets. Anything your company produces that may be of interest to your brand fans. Once Twisted Toast has delivered its professional media and content services, the value of these inherent brand content events or stories are perceived as professionally produced and managed, all within your brand context.

You’ve got a strange name! Tell us how you got the name “Twisted Toast”.
We’ve got a short story up on this very topic here. And we love toast. Don’t you?

You also use the positioning statement “Digital Media Architects”. It sounds a bit supercilious. Can you explain what you mean by this?
One of our key services is producing content strategy for your brand. There’s a lot of planning, careful consideration and execution that goes into a digital media brand content strategy. It requires oversight and expertise that’s not dissimilar to the meticulous architecture required in creating a beautiful building — lots of planning, expert building and continuous maintenance.

Who are your shareholders and key staff?
Find out more about us!

How easy is it to change/update content on my website?
Super easy. We’ve been in the business of digital content management for a long time before we formed Twisted Toast, so we recognize the value of a truly easy-to-use content management system (CMS). As a result, the CMS we use as standard for all our clients’ brand content websites is powerful, flexible and intuitive, with functionality and usability similar to any modern word processor.