Ground control to Major Tom…

By Kim Browne

If ever I needed an extra day – 2016 is a great year to get it! After liking and sharing a minion Facebook post, proclaiming 2016 starts again on 1 February, as January was just a trial month, I’ve decided to own it. Which technically means I’ve lost a month…

There’s been no easing into the New Year. It’s been like the gym in January around here! We’ve been under an incredible amount of pressure to complete a variety of projects at The Toast and our team has been hard at work to ensure we don’t disappoint.

This does mean that we don’t have capacity right now to take on additional unscheduled project work with fast turn-a-round times. We have to make sure our contract clients and scheduled work are first in line.

As we speed towards our 5th birthday on 1 April 2016, we count our blessings every day and are truly grateful to our clients for keeping us so busy. Keep the jobs flowing, but in the shortest month of the year try to remember that good work and fast work seldom go together. Just think about fast food. We need time to do our best work.

My daughter asked me recently what month of the year do you sleep 28 days. The answer is every month. In honour of the shortest month, I’m keeping my column to the shortest ever and I’m going to take the advice I get given every day to breathe and relax a little before taking on the rest of the day.

 Loving it!