The Toasters are on the move…

By Kim Browne

With January out of the way, we are settling into a growth year at Twisted Toast Digital. It’s fitting that this ties in perfectly with the length of my hair – gone is the pixie, bring on a growing bob.

If things go to plan, I should be sporting a shoulder-length hairstyle by the end of the year, so there will be lots of growing going on…

At The Toast, on the eve of our third birthday (which is a significant milestone we believe), we have outgrown our formative office in Woodmead and are ready to step out on our own. We knew it was on the cards and initially thought it was something to action in the last quarter of the year. But fate is a funny thing and with an opportunity too good to miss, we made the decision unilaterally to take advantage of events and create a home of our own from March 2014. We’re growing and it’s time.

Once the decision was made, there really was no reason to delay, no bureaucracy to navigate or loops to jump through. We’re just getting on and doing it!

So, amidst the back to school chaos of January, we’ve been negotiating, planning and ultimately securing our new office. With our new address of Perceptions House, Mulberry Hill Office Park, Broadacres Drive, Dainfern, we were fated to have it before we even walked in.

To get to our new home you drive down William Nicol to just past Fourways Mall and the Indaba Hotel. This growing business district is supported by the major improvements of William Nicol Drive, towards Steyn City.

January has been about making the resolution to move, February will be a planning month – making the space what we need it to be. On 1 March we will make it happen and move in. That’s the first quarter of the year sorted.

Throughout the first quarter we will continue brewing beer for April, our birthday month. After giving ourselves a month to settle in – it’ll be a good time for a birthday bash along with a little house-warming. There’s nothing like starting the second quarter of the year with a party!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful clients, who have been with us through our growing “nursery” years. The work we do for you is paramount to all we do – we just enjoy to have fun while doing it.

We also like to take a moment to celebrate our mentor and friend Gordon Patterson, who kindly rented us space within Starcom to start our fledgling hybrid marketing agency, so we could get busy doing other things.

We initially only meant to stay a year. But we made it three good ones. Now it’s time to move on!

Oh, and we have an open invitation to any of our industry friends to help us with our move (27 – 28 February 2014). We’ll feed you and give you beer. Pull in – it’ll be fun!