Viva women!

By Kim Browne

The Toast remains busy-ness personified, but it would be counter culture for us not to have something to celebrate! Since August’s theme is women’s month I thought it fitting to spotlight the incredibly talented women who make up half of our design team.

Angela is our very own design angel – who can take the ugly out of anything with her magic design wand, no matter the medium. Angela brings a breath of fresh air to the agency, is always incredibly client-friendly, has a thing for olives and has a latent talent for DJing awesome tunes for the Toasters on Friday afternoons. Fiercely loyal and beautiful inside and out, we feel like we’ve known Angela our whole lives, but in truth we’ll celebrate two years of working together in just a few months.

Sharlene is our little gem, who knows her way around a print catalogue like no other. She is also an ace website designer and clients love working with her. Sharls heads up our social committee and is responsible for ensuring work is fun @ The Toast. She has an irrepressible passion for our business and is always first in line to take on new responsibilities. She has been back at The Toast for a year now, after having taken a sabbatical to Australia for a year. It’s been good to have Sharls back at her Toast home.

We are blessed to have an incredible team of multi-skilled and brilliant designers who really are a dream team and can work magic in the gritty reality of hard deadlines and insatiable client needs.

I’d like to also take a moment to remember our good friend and mentor, Gordon Patterson who was cruely taken from this world a year ago. We can’t believe it’s been a year, but Gordon, I still miss you daily. As you loved to tease: “It only hurts if you survive.” I know you’d be proud of how far we’ve come – a toast to you forever and always my special friend.

Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.