Celestial ramblings

By Kim Browne

Today has definitely been the coldest day of our winter so far, so it’s quite ironic that we’re celebrating a month to go to spring with Nando’s and ice-cream @ The Toast. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can make the most of it :)

Anybody who knows us will agree that we do like to pack it in and push the limits. It’s just who we are. So there’s been no hibernating around here. In fact most days it feels that there is no time for much of anything else besides keeping our clients happy. Fast turn-around time is part of our business DNA.

I’ve stopped trying to plan everything down to the last detail and find I’m going with the flow a lot more. In our business, plans change daily anyway, so what’s the point of being completely anal about them? For someone as OC as me, it’s not easy letting go – but I’m trying. There’ll always be a plan and at least one back-up plan in the background (it’s still my security blanket) – I’ve just made peace with the fact that it’s not a train smash when things go a little awry. In fact it can be refreshing, or lead you on a whole new path of discovery. It helps to have excellent resources to call on and we have a team called Magic :)

There will always be exceptions for valid reasons, but to help make us better at what we do we’re nurturing a “5-star client rating” system. To get a perfect score, clients need to:

  • Brief us properly (and know what they want)
  • Retain our services monthly (frequency)
  • Keep to three drafts only (limit re-work)
  • Keep to deadlines (limit delays and help us manage workflow)
  • Pay us on time (It’s the right thing to do)

Four out of five gives a client an 80% score. That’s a A in anyone’s book!

Happy Women’s Day, stay warm and let the countdown to summer begin.