Min dae

By Kim Browne

I think most people will agree that 2017 has been a tough year on a number of levels and we’ll be happy to see the back of it. It’s min dae now with just 10 days to Xmas and two weeks until the start of the new year – where did this year go?

One thing I was reminded of was all good and bad things eventually come to an end and we truly wish for much more good than bad for 2018. Anything is possible – just look at Zimbabwe right now. Would any of us have predicted such a dramatic, peaceful turn of events in our troubled neighbouring country last year this time?

We’re ending the year on a high @TheToast after signing brand new annual retainer business for 2018. Contracting with new clients never gets stale, especially when it’s someone we’ve worked with before who motivates for us and chooses to work with us again in their new place of work. Referrals truly are the bread and butter of our business :).

We are immensely grateful and humbled by our loyal clients who stick with us and continually choose to refer us to others. Thank you.

Today we’ll be celebrating all the good things that happened in 2017 at the annual TT end of year lunch and The Toast will officially close for business until 8 January 2018.

We usually try not to burn our Toast, but plenty of midnight oil has been burnt over the last while specifically and The Toasters are all in need of some R&R. We truly hope that you too get a chance to spend some time with your loved ones over the festive season and come back refreshed and reinvigorated for 2018. We are under no illusion that we’re all going to need a lot of positive energy and stamina to take on the challenges of 2018.

Happy summer holidays!