The year that Gotye!

Those who know us well aren’t surprised that we like things twisted at The Toast. And there’s nothing quite like a challenge to stir us up like an extra foamy cappuccino. Looking back, as we approach our second Xmas at The Toast — we’ve had quite a year so far…

Time has helped us find our twist — we are a hybrid marketing services and brand content marketing agency. We don’t see brand content marketing as a flash-in-the-pan trend but as a significant, authentic long term communication movement, which is going to play a significant role in marketing brands. The Coca-Cola content 2020 mission and vision remains a firm favourite example of brands that are shaking things up, get it and get us.

Being evangelists for something new is never easy — and year two has been challenging in many ways. You do need faith! There’s the usual stuff that comes with being a small business in its second year of existence (according to many the most difficult year of all) and with marketing budgets under seige, due to the way the economy was in 2012 — clients are extra wary of anything, really, especially change.

Call us crazy, but now is the perfect storm for something new to invigorate tired same-old marketing strategies. Operationally, just cutting back on one magazine ad, TV spot or radio ad can provide a monthly retainer to start something authentic and new. You need commitment though.

Like an engaging conversation or storybook, brand content marketing is continuous, but not repetitive like the Gotye hit single that went from awesome to boring (by being played all day, every day for the greater part of 2012).

We’ve done a lot of persuading this year and with a few months to go until our second birthday, we are starting to see some real opportunities to engage in meaningful brand content marketing campaigns on behalf of clients. Thirteen has a lucky ring to it — and to quote Gary Player; “The more I practise the luckier I get”.

Happy Holidays — thank you to our wonderful clients who believe in us — we look forward to a magical 2013 together. It’s gonna be fun!