Fight, Love, Persevere

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The power of unity One of my favourite poems of all time is Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that good night.” While the poem is commonly interpreted as a son’s appeal to his ailing father to sustain his will to live, it has always resonated more profoundly with me, encapsulating the prevailing spirit of South Africans today. We’re a tenacious bunch and it is probably not too surprising that our desire to survive and thrive, no matter the adversity we face, is tattooed on our nation’s psyche. Which brings me to sport and more specifically rugby and our heroic Boks. 

Gratitude in waves: My personal account of being rescued by the NSRI

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Safety on the ocean: Lessons learnt As I finished final preparations for my intended Reverse Miller’s Run downwind surfski paddle on the beach in front of my local club, Fish Hoek Beach Sports Club (FHBSC) at just before 16:00 on Thursday afternoon, 21 September 2023, I activated the South African National Sea Rescue Institute’s NSRI SafeTRX app. I selected its continuous tracking setting, sealed my smartphone in its special waterproof bag and made sure its lanyard was securely fastened to my personal floatation device (PFD). This is the best thing I could have done before heading out, as soon enough, I needed to be rescued.

Atterbury giant Springbok shirt student prank campaign for Atterbury Property

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Students' prank leads to positive outcome “Borrowing” of Atterbury's giant Springbok jersey leads to donation to Atterbury Trust With Springbok spirit currently at a high, two Pretoria students took their enthusiasm for the Bokke campaign a bit too far. They decided to “borrow” the giant Springbok jersey that is dressed on the large Angus Taylor statue “Child of the Dust” by Atterbury Property during each Rugby World Cup tournament, for their own purposes. This renowned stone statue stands in front of the company's Clubhouse headquarters in Hazelwood, Pretoria.

WhatsApp Channels: A Game-Changer for Brand Content Broadcasting

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Private following eliminates brand message fatigue Meta Platforms, much like other giants in the digital economy, has a knack for emulating the successful features or products of its rivals. They borrowed the Stories format from Snap and introduced Reels — a short video format inspired by TikTok’s success. With Threads, they even seem to pay homage to Twitter, if not X.

Breast cancer awareness month 2023: More than just awareness

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Align your brand with a cause that saves lives October marks the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), a campaign that brings the realities of breast cancer to the forefront of public conversation. With pink ribbons symbolising the struggle, hope and resilience of countless women, this month is far more than just a superficial observance. While awareness is crucial, it’s only a piece of the puzzle in the fight against breast cancer — a condition that is unfortunately increasing among South African women and stands as one of the most common cancers amongst women across races and classes.

Riding the Waves of Business

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What downwind surfski paddling teaches us about corporate success Navigating the sea of business opportunities is much like riding the ocean swells on a downwind surfski paddle. When we think of the infamous Miller’s Run in False Bay, South Africa, it’s not just about battling the elements; it’s about mastering a skill that’s as mentally challenging as it is physically demanding. Much like the business environment, the ocean offers us a mix of risk and reward, teaching invaluable lessons that can be applied in the corporate arena.

Spring clean

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Why spring brings renewed optimism As the first sun of Spring Day stretches its golden arms across the horizon, there’s an undeniable feeling of rejuvenation in the air. The season carries with it not just the promise of fresh flowers, budding trees and balmy air, but a sense of renewed vitality that reverberates through the community, from homes to businesses. As we revel in this natural upturn, there is a unique power to this positivity that extends into thinking at Twisted Toast Digital.

Happy Holidays

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"Everyone dies, but not everyone lives" By Kim Browne The other day, my kids were discussing their favourite holiday – for me it has always been December. I love having some decent time off, getting [...]

Google it!

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A life with Google By Kim Browne   September is a special month in the calendar I always look forward to through the “long” winter months. The promise of spring mornings and longer days, time [...]

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