The power of persuasion

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Blending logic and emotion for effective marketing In the dynamic world of marketing, the art of persuasion stands as a cornerstone for creating compelling campaigns. At Twisted Toast Digital, we believe in the seamless integration of logic and emotion to craft messages that resonate deeply with our audience. This balanced approach not only captures attention but also drives action, ensuring our clients achieve their marketing goals effectively.

Sustainability in marketing

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How brands can authentically embrace green initiatives In today’s world, sustainability is more than just a buzzword—it’s a critical component of responsible business practice and a significant factor influencing consumer choices. At The Toast, we understand that authentically embracing green initiatives is essential for brands that want to resonate with environmentally conscious consumers and make a positive impact on the planet. Here’s how brands can authentically integrate sustainability into their marketing strategies.

An unwavering human spark in a digital galaxy

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Why I love storytelling in our digital age Imagine a world overtaken by the glow of screens, where interactions are orchestrated by algorithms and responses curated by AI. While efficiency reigns supreme, a profound emptiness endures. This is the potential future we face should we lose sight of the very essence that makes us human: Our ability to connect, empathise and create new things.

Leveraging social media content analytics for enhanced engagement

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Data-driven Insights to optimise social strategy In the dynamic realm of digital content marketing, social media platforms stand out as powerful tools for connecting with audiences and building brand loyalty. However, the sheer volume of content and the rapid pace at which social media evolves can make it challenging for brands to capture and maintain audience engagement. At Twisted Toast Digital we understand the critical importance of not just participating in social media but strategically harnessing its full potential. 


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We are happy to announce Twisted Toast’s corporate co-sponsorship of the Better Neighbourhoods Fourways initiative, a forward-thinking project dedicated to improving the local community's quality of life through activities such as cleaning, restoring, creating job opportunities, fighting crime and fostering accountability within the Fourways neighbourhood. Being an agency that runs out of the Fourways area, our team believes this initiative underscores our commitment to community care and presents an open invitation for other businesses in the area to participate in this meaningful endeavour.

South African excellence on display

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Hometalk at Versnit 2024 In the heart of South Africa’s philanthropic landscape, Atterbury Trust stands as a beacon of hope, delivering essential services to those in need across various communities. Our agency, Twisted Toast Digital, has had the privilege of partnering with this remarkable charity for a decade, witnessing first-hand the transformative impact of their work. As we reflect on our journey together, the annual Versnit event, held at the enchanting Rust en Vrede Estate in Stellenbosch, serves as a poignant reminder of the power of collective goodwill and the exceptional quality of South African ubuntu.

Brand personality goes a long way

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Opinionated positioning In the vibrant world of marketing, brands stand as more than mere logos or names; they embody personas that resonate with their audience, akin to individuals in society. Establishing a brand personality is not just about crafting a unique identity; it’s about articulating opinions that speak volumes, positioning brands as relatable entities with which consumers can form meaningful connections. This professional discourse delves into the pivotal role of brand opinions in distinguishing brands in a market rife with uniformity, underscoring the strategic imperative of aligning these opinions with core brand values.

Four years later

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A journey of gratitude and growth As we step into the festive season, marking the end of another year and the dawn of a new one, it’s a time for reflection and anticipation. This moment is particularly poignant at Twisted Toast Digital, as we look back on the world adapted to a new normal post-COVID-19.

The quest for artificial general intelligence

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Navigating towards a next frontier The recent disruptive, management, board and shareholder upheavals at leading generative artificial intelligence firm OpenAI has focused the technology world’s attention firmly on its next frontier, the search for systems with artificial general intelligence (AGI). According to an analysis created by The Economist, this has divided the AI cognoscenti into two basic camps. Doomers “believe that, left unchecked, AI poses an existential risk to humanity and hence advocate stricter regulation”, while boomers “play down fears of an AI apocalypse and stress its potential to turbocharge progress”.

Fight, Love, Persevere

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The power of unity One of my favourite poems of all time is Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that good night.” While the poem is commonly interpreted as a son’s appeal to his ailing father to sustain his will to live, it has always resonated more profoundly with me, encapsulating the prevailing spirit of South Africans today. We’re a tenacious bunch and it is probably not too surprising that our desire to survive and thrive, no matter the adversity we face, is tattooed on our nation’s psyche. Which brings me to sport and more specifically rugby and our heroic Boks. 

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