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Happy Holidays

"Everyone dies, but not everyone lives" By Kim Browne The other day, my kids were discussing their favourite holiday – for me it has always been December. I love having some decent time off, getting away from the humdrum of the regular routine and spending quality time with my immediate family. I may complain about [...]

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Powerful word of mouth

Word of mouth rules By Kim Browne The power of word of mouth is something I’ve been reminded of again recently. You have a need and there’s almost always someone who knows someone who can help you. Whether you’re looking for a casual restaurant for an impromptu lunch in Umdloti (Karibu Nursery is a great venue, [...]

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Google it!

A life with Google By Kim Browne   September is a special month in the calendar I always look forward to through the “long” winter months. The promise of spring mornings and longer days, time away with the family ahead of the last quarter of the year and a little bonus of Heritage Day celebrations [...]

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The honour in giving back

Loving giving back By Kim Browne   It makes me smile to be reminded of the wonderful South African spirit around Mandela Day. The fact that many Safricans pitch in and want to contribute their 67 minutes or more is always refreshing, as winter takes its last gasp. I love giving back. School kids are mobilised [...]

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The world’s cup

A World Cup media world By Kim Browne Where were you four years ago? We were publishing magazines and experiencing the euphoria associated with hosting the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Remember Soccer City? My son was eight years old and had the privilege of attending the opening, along with a few other games and [...]

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Just say no

Good can come from saying no By Kim Browne   Having spent my formative years in advertising sales, some habits are hard to break. I've always tried to say "yes" to as many things as possible when it comes to clients. And another lesson well learnt is when you really can't say yes, try to [...]

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Time for change

Change is good By Kim Browne   April is one of my favourite months of the year. I love the change of season heralded by the golden colour of the trees. I look forward to changing my wardrobe for the coming winter. But mostly, I love the promise of holidays and family time. It is [...]

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When things go wrong

When things go wrong By Kim Browne   It's funny how, when things go wrong, they do so in threes. Now, I'm not a superstitious type — we launched Twisted Toast Digital on the 1st of April, have regular Friday the 13th parties and I really like black cats — but there's definitely something in this "things come [...]

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March moving madness

Making a move in March By Kim Browne   I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude recently. Having come to the end our financial year, with just a month away from our official 3rd birthday as an independent, proudly South African hybrid marketing agency, I have an overwhelming feeling of appreciation. After two years of [...]

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Make it a double

Double trouble By Kim Browne Plan, write it down and commit. Three things that are not difficult as such – but the discipline of actually doing this is never easy. Somehow, if you write something down, as “intent” it makes it more real. If you don’t – and the goal is never achieved – it [...]

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