Day 1, month 2 of our existence, everything feels so different in the professional office in Woodmead. We have to pinch ourselves to realise this adventure is really happening. Not that there’s much time for reflection, as we have our first client meeting on the first day back. We are grateful to have “real” work so quickly and get busy with the jobs that need doing.

The office telephone rings and we have to remember to answer it using our name – a bit of a tongue twister to the un-initiated! Interest is building and we get quite a few unsolicited requests for meetings. The shared diary starts to fill up. In the meantime the office fix-up is not entirely complete, so in-between there’s a little retail therapy, fixing of shelves and carpet-laying happening. By the end of week one, our first CEs are signed. We’re officially in business!

Week 2 is punctuated with visits from our insurance broker, who scares us to death and our efficient bookkeeper, who compliments our “books”. More meetings with our only client, and the week ends with an interesting phone call, after 5 on Friday, which ultimately leads to the signing of our second client in week 3.

Initial designs and wireframes done for client 1 in week 3, ensure progress is on track, but a fast turnaround job for client 2 (ABL print job) keeps us on our toes. We deliver by Friday and it all gets approved by the necessary international office @ 12pm Friday night. We also manage to quote for a CID job for prospective client 3 and get invited to pitch against 4 prominent digital agencies Wednesday next – receiving the brief Friday afternoon. we accept the challenge!

Week 4 is off to a good start, with client 3 accepting our design brief and quote. We are the dark horses for our first ever pitch against other agencies – and we are having the ride of our lives!