Why is it that October always flashes by in a blur and before you know it, there’s only eight weeks left until Xmas?

They say the busier you are, the quicker time flies and this is certainly the experience at Twisted Toast. Our nine clients (one extra added this month) are doing an excellent job of keeping us off the streets in more ways than one.

Our early Christmas wish to ourselves and everyone we know is to remain busy right up to the very end of this year and beyond. Viva entrepreneurship!

After just seven months, we’re still very much in the “crawling” stage at Twisted Toast and absolutely everything is different to how we imagined it would be. Not one of our existing clients was on our original prospect list (which we’ve still got to get to). The scope of work is also much more varied. This month, besides launching a new client website, ad banners and an inaugural monthly digital newsletter, we completed a few additional print jobs such as stickers, business cards and a sales prospectus, presentations, display signage, video and our fourth print ad.

We’re extremely excited to be launching a digital campaign next week on behalf of one of our clients that is at the cutting edge in terms of brand content creation. Watch this trend…

At Twisted Toast we pride ourselves on finding the right solutions for clients, whatever they might be. For instance, two of our favourite clients asked us to help them out with work this month which would never be in the scope of services provided by a traditional ad agency. We took it on and found elegant solutions to their business needs, resulting in happy clients who’ll most certainly pass more “traditional” work our way. That’s the way we roll at Twisted Toast and it feels mighty fine!