By Kim Browne

Keeping it real

Snow in Johannesburg and summer preceding spring in the big smoke; life has certainly been rather strange this August. In the spirit of keeping things real and honest and not believing your own BS, we would be spinning a large yarn if we said this month has been easy. It’s been a mega tough, frustratingly busy month … full of unfulfilled promise.

The good news is “the promise” is still there and we all know in order to achieve, it takes excessive amounts of tenacity, perseverance, patience, commitment and feel free to insert a string of additional adjectives here. The point is anything worth having is never easy. And when what you are selling is all new and shiny, necessitating potential change, there are a lot of hoops to jump through.

By default really, August became an “investment” month at The Toast. We invested our time and resources in progressing a few fantastic opportunities in the hope that they will ultimately result in good business. The investment required was immediate and all-consuming, necessitating “all hands on deck”, which left little time for anything else. And as confidential jobs go, we’ve signed the non-disclosures and our lips are sealed.

Positively, we are honoured to be considered worthy to pitch, in a manner of speaking, for the calibre of work we’re talking about. We love that our potential clients have so much faith in our ability that they endorse us unreservedly. And back to those four chosen adjectives: The Toasters are certainly tenacious (Louis), we persist (Erik) and we’re not scared to commit. I’m working on the patience part!

So taking a little inspiration from the dedication of those incredible Olympians that entertained us this month, we’re putting in the training and taking the wins and the knocks along the way, whilst keeping our focus firmly on our own Olympic dreams. But there’s one very important difference. We allow ourselves the occasional beer!

On that topic, the time has come for the ultimate test of TOAST Homebru, The breakfast of champions, which will be served ice cold, accompanied by gourmet boerie rolls at our Springfest celebration on the 14th of September. Hope to catch you here :)