October is always such a busy month and seems to disappear before you can really get into it! At The Toast we managed to sign two new project clients, which will allow us to do a whole bunch of new stuff to add to our portfolio in the coming months. As always, we’re working hard on creating additional opportunities for ourselves, as the majority of our work remains project based.

When projects come to an end, we need to replace them with new ones for new or existing clients. Contract clients are still very much a work in progress project for us, but we have some exciting prospects out there…

Investing in our own business (time, energy, thought and cash) is really important to us. So, in addition to creating our very own “little brag book”, detailing some of the work we are most proud of, we’ve also been putting energy into sorting out our own house. Aside from installing a “traffic” white board at the agency and re-connecting with Basecamp, we’re also re-creating the Twisted Toast website, which has in our opinion outgrown its original simple design.

Then there are all those updated, original documents — needed miraculously and instantaneously for pitches. Many hours have been spent in bureaucratic offices this month — but now we are up to date. We are seriously pumped for summer!

And on the subject of investing, we sent our MD Louis Eksteen down to Stellenbosch to attend the Content Strategy Forum on behalf of Twisted Toast. Read his live blog and related conference content for the latest thinking on brand content here.

Since October is the month for beer, we are very proud to have been asked to not only brew two variants of beer for a client, but have also designed three different beer labels for other clients this month. Cheers to that and perhaps a few more yet!