Chattegies, bubble toast and getting the work out; that’s what August has been about at Twisted Toast. The thing about having clients is they keep you busy! One of our esteemed clients wrote on our blackboard that we should “Always do what the client wants!” and that’s something we’re aspiring to.

What’s been a fascinating learning in Twisted Toast’s 5 months of existence is how often the right solution for the client encompasses so much more than just a digital solution. So for a digital agency, we’ve done our fair share of strategy and brand development, campaign recommendation and execution including print, radio, outdoor and digital solutions and we’re loving it!

This month we’ve launched four campaigns including four website solutions as part of the mix.

Staying with motivational “bubble toast”, a legendary media professional wrote on our wall: “If you’re not fast, you’re food”. This has been another learning for us. There are loads of opportunities and it is certainly advantageous if you can deliver a quality solution fast. It helps the cash flow and keeps clients happy.

Pitching for business is hard work and it’s really disheartening when you don’t get it – but even more so, when a client doesn’t even inform you of their final decision! Yes, we are speaking from first hand experience. But the learning here for us is, as much as we want new business, we probably don’t need this kind of client.

Luckily for us, so far we have attracted fantastic clients, who just don’t seem to get enough of us and our ideas. Once-off campaigns have grown into additional projects and introductions which has us going into another pitch in 30 minutes. We hope this prospective client likes the ideas as much as we do. Holding thumbs…