Waterfall City’s digital city lifestyle

By Louis Eksteen

One of the advantages of working at a hybrid marketing agency such as ours is the large variety of client businesses we have the privilege of getting to know. One day we’re herding Cats®, the next, we’re meeting orphaned baby rhinos in Kimberley. If we’re not launching a new robo-advice system, we’re creating a series of 44 print magazine ads. And we’re loving doing native Twitter advertising campaigns at the moment. It’s a heady time at The Toast.

A digitally interesting client we work with is Waterfall City, truly Gauteng’s new CBD and a real digital city in the making. To ensure the area is future-fit, large-scale fibre connectivity comes with the package in this fast-growing development.

The area features some of the most exciting architecture currently being built. Large-scale new road infrastructure connects all the different parts of Waterfall City in a logical manner. Then there is Mall of Africa that forms the main shopping experience for office workers and residents in the larger Waterfall area.

What makes Waterfall City interesting as a digital city is that the area has been planned for a digital lifestyle. Watching television with an ugly satellite dish attached to your house or office seems so last year when you can stream an endless array of quality shows and movies via the high-speed fibre network infrastructure that’s built into a digital city.

Security through live camera surveillance of all areas ensures a monitored, safe lifestyle, especially for common areas. By the way, check out the live construction activities of Mall of Africa here. (You’ll need Firefox and the VLC web browser plugin.)

New smart home technologies, such as the amazing Amazon Echo, can therefore be seamlessly integrated into such a digital city home.

Coupled with large green nodes available for many kilometres of running and cycling, what’s not to like? We often bemoan South Africa’s challenges, but if we can also create an amazing new digital city such as Waterfall City, there’s a lot to be said for living right here. In the most beautiful country in the world.

For all of this to work, we only need one thing. Power…