There’s no job or client too small for Twisted Toast, as evidenced by our latest work for Menlo Rugbyklub. Established by the parents of Hoërskool Menlopark to support the rugby efforts of the school, Twisted Toast was approached by the club to create a new website to serve as a central point for news, information, results and sponsorship opportunities for the club.

Despite being contracted to produce a website, Twisted Toast convinced Menlo Rugbyklub to relook their corporate identity, starting with a logo redesign. After an internal brainstorm, Twisted Toast Creative Director Erik Verster undertook an evolutionary, iterative approach to the new logo design, experimenting with iconography evocative of a rugby ball, and investigating laurel motifs as a throwback to the club’s rich heritage.

Menlo rugbyklub logo concepts

Internal discussion and presentation to the client drove the design to a clear favourite, an image of a rugby ball in flight in the club’s traditional colour palette, but stylized and evocative of flight, progression and advancement.


With the logo approved, Twisted Toast set to work on the club’s website. Working in close consultation with senior members of the club, TTD presented wireframes of the proposed site design, and then using a custom-designed WordPress site, TTD were able to produce a Menlo Rugbyklub website very rapidly to meet the club’s urgent requirement for a modern, refreshed web presence. This website was rapidly fleshed out with copy and information provided by the club.

Menlorugby Klub website

In parallel to the website development, Twisted Toast also developed an integrated social media presence for Menlo Rugbyklub. Utilizing Facebook’s new Timelines for Pages, the Menlo Rugbyklub Facebook page presents a social media home for the club’s activities:

Menlo Rugbyklub facebook page

Twisted Toast also created a Twitter presence, to be managed by members of the club. The Menlo Rugbyklub Twitter feed is envisaged as providing news, team updates and live scores for games.

Menlo rugbyklub twitter

A digital newsletter, complete with its own identity (‘Doellyn‘) was also designed by Twisted Toast and sent out the members of the club on the relaunch of the website.  Doellyn had a phenomenal response, with a 62% read rate and 46% click rate.


After handing over all creative elements to the club, providing them with full login access to all digital properties, Twisted Toast rounded out the delivery by providing training to the club members on the usage of the website and social media properties – a complete, full-service package![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]