Preparing for a run

By Kim Browne


I don’t like being unprepared. I like to plan everything carefully and arrive early rather than late for meetings. It’s just who I am. I have a white board behind me at the office and client chase lists detailing all work. At home I couldn’t function without a weekly menu board and fridge shopping list in my kitchen, a whiteboard detailing the family’s weekly activities in the scullery and white boards in both of my children’s rooms.

But today I feel totally unprepared for the Soweto half marathon this weekend. You see, I haven’t been running. Pulling out is not an option for me though, as I’ve wanted to do this race for three years. It will definitely not be my finest hour – but I’m going to run/walk/hobble and do it anyway, because I feel I must. The last time I ran a 21.1km was way back in January, so I can’t expect my body to handle it the same as it would if I were running regularly.

What happened to the year?

I feel the same about our business. We deliver our best work when we have enough time to plan and execute a campaign properly. Life has a way of getting in the way of the best plans and sometimes, like this weekend for me, you just have to deliver in no time at all. If it’s the exception, that’s OK, but when it becomes the rule there’s going to be trouble.

Twisted Toast is known for being able to produce excellent work on tight deadlines and as I look back on the year so far, we’ve pulled out all the stops to deliver great work on insane deadlines. The pre-Xmas rush is upon us and no doubt there’ll be a few more projects of this ilk before we close the agency over the holidays.

I’m super-proud of our exceptional team of experts who produce brilliant work, keeping our clients coming back for more.

The Toast team bids a fond farewell to Sharlene Safi today and welcomes Angela Henderson, who’ll be joining us from next week as senior designer.

Six weeks to go ’til the summer holidays – let’s do it!

Happy Halloween