Counting down ’til Xmas

By Kim Browne

It’s hard to believe Halloween has come and gone and we have officially entered the pre-Xmas madness rush to get everything done that is still outstanding. A client of ours asked me today what is our busiest time and reflecting back on the year that’s been, we seem to have just rolled from one busy season into another, without much time to take a break.

We do however believe that downtime is crucial and The Toast will be closing the office officially from 22 December – 3 January 2018, so everyone can come back rejuvenated in the new year. (Some of us are lucky enough to take a break from 15 December up to 8 January 2018.)

But before we get there, we’ve got a number of exciting projects on the go, with a new pitch going out just yesterday. Holding thumbs they choose us. Our clients are simply amazing and we are truly grateful that client referrals are the number one marketing tool we have in our arsenal. Another client actually asked me if I minded that they had referred us to a company that he thought could benefit from our services. For the record, we don’t mind at all.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we aren’t a good fit with a prospective or even existing client and we’ve learnt that it is really better to just cut ties and move on when this happens. Some business is more effort than it is worth and if there isn’t a relationship of mutual respect and trust – The Toast is not the right agency.

As a small by design company of experts, we’re sometimes just too opinionated about what we have learnt over many years in the business of marketing and design. We try to do the very best we can for our clients and it really is hard for us to keep quiet when we can see the path a client is choosing is not quite right. Those who get the most value from us listen to why we do things in a certain way, engage with us about changes and trust us enough to let go of control a little and let us get on and do our thing. That’s where the magic happens.

After six and a half years, we’re at a place where we can take on business when we feel we can truly make a difference. Long may it last.

So, if you have stuff that needs doing before the end of the year, give us a call so we can brief it into our creative studio. Time is running out and we’d hate to disappoint.

Happy Movember :}