The month of love got off to a good start with TTD adding client number 12 to its growing list. Eleven months into the business (can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly), we have never had such a slow yet hectically busy month. Let me explain.

Things were kind of slow in December/January, with budgets being finalised, end of fiscal drag and probably a bit of post holiday blues. We decided rather than sit around, waiting for the business to magically roll in, we needed to go into pitch overdrive. And pitch we did … a lot. And as we all know, nothing comes easy in this world. It takes time and hard graft. As a fledgling agency, we’re still investing in laying down a solid foundation.

We’ve spent a lot of time agonising over the right solution to offer prospective clients and truth be told put a lot of energy, passion and hard work into ensuring the work we go out with passes our rigorous internal standards. We aim to surprise, excite and over-deliver. Practically, this means we often re-do things before our work even gets to a client to ensure we’re never just “good enough”.

As anyone who’s ever been in sales knows, going out day after day is the hardest job of all, especially because behind every one sale there are a number of no sales. The big R word is just part of the game and makes a win just that much sweeter. But if you’re out there, relentlessly living what you’re selling, it’s just a matter of time until you’re successful.

So yes, there’ve been a few dead ends this month, but we’ve learnt something from every pitch and opportunity that’s come our way. We’re super proud of the work we’ve done (for pitches and actual campaigns) and our existing clients and prospects seem to enjoy our different take on things.

We aim to deliver the toast, but with a unique twist. It may not be to everybody’s taste, but that’s really the point. Who wants to blend into sameness anyway … not The Toasters, for sure!