A spring in our step

By Kim Browne

It’s incredible how we’ve just managed to spring straight into summer from winter this year. A few weeks ago we were still wearing scarves and boots and this week the average maximum temperature was 28 degrees C in Jozi. What happened to waiting until September? It seems to me that just like our lives, the seasons have sped up. Not that I’m complaining. I love this time of the year!

Spring always heralds new beginnings, a serious clean-up and change. It’s a time to slough off winter, no matter how comfortable it’s been, and get into the last quarter of the year before the end of year holidays creep up on us. At The Toast, it means we have six months of our financial year under our belts, with another half dozen to go. We see this as “the glass is already half full” and the half-way mark of this year’s business marathon. Hopefully it’s all downhill from here!

We are really excited to be welcoming Quinton Hoffman to The Toast from 1 September as senior designer. Quinton worked with us in our magazine publishing past and will be a valuable asset to our design team.

This time of year also has a tendency to go really fast. It shouldn’t, technically, with the longer days, but somehow it just does. Scarily, we’ve probably got a month before retailers will start advertising Xmas…

This also means it’s our busiest time of the year. We’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline over the next six months and are thrilled to welcome Simon Brown and Kristia van Heerden from JustOneLap to our growing list of clients.

It’s so easy to take for granted what you’ve got in the relentless pursuit of something shiny and new. A lesson this month at The Toast was that no matter how much better something may appear to be, it’s always important to read the small print. It may just be that what you already have is way better!

Spring into happiness


Pic credit: Background vector designed by Freepik