Blue sky growth

By Kim Browne

We are grateful that as we approach our 4th birthday at Twisted Toast Digital, we are busier than ever. A number of new clients and additional exciting projects means we get to do what we love everyday — a privileged position to be in.

This means more data visualisation solutions, creation of new or refreshed websites, brand identity conception, social media campaigns, content marketing programmes, infographics, brochures, motion graphics, presentations and even many magazine ads.

The challenge for a small, independent and growing business such as ours is managing growth. A swallow does not a summer make and just because we have a flood of work right now, doesn’t mean the storm will continue unabated. We’ve often seen the effects of growing too fast. Part of our company ethos is to remain boutique and bespoke — hand-crafted, rather than factory-fitted if you will. It’s why our clients keep coming back and feel confident enough in our abilities to recommend us. It would be folly to change this.

We also don’t seem to have downtime to spend on our own brand. Four years in we need to give ourselves a little TLC, without taking our focus off our clients’ needs (which should and do always come first). We like to experiment and give people opportunity to grow and learn and have decided to give a young intern, who is currently studying towards a B.Com marketing degree, the chance of a lifetime. We’ve given him a really important project to start with — ourselves. Let’s see how it goes. As part of it all, Ashton may just give you a call!

We are very happy to welcome Jacquie Paterson to The Toast family. Jacquie has worked with us before in our previous lives and has been filling in for Sharlene for the month that she’s been away. With Sharlene back from Oz, we’ll also be retaining Jacquie’s services on an ongoing basis. It’s great to have her as part of our growing team.

I’m feeling a little sentimental this month — birthdays and anniversaries do that to me. Having celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary a few days ago, I got to thinking what makes a good partnership. I feel it can be summed up with “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”.

For both our loyal, regular clients and new ones we’ve recently engaged with, we believe our special formula is made up of our knowledge and experience (old), the challenge (new), working with a great bunch of people on wonderful brands (borrowed) and a little magic (the sky is always blue at The Toast).

As winter approaches we are mindful of the many people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Our charity of choice — Hearts of Hope — who care for orphaned and vulnerable children, have started their winter drive, collecting non-perishable goods to stock up their pantry. Click here to help out or give us a shout and we’ll put you in touch with them.

Happy Easter!