Every business has to start somewhere and for Twisted Toast and its digital presence, that story begins with our brand identity and logo.

We began by polling the office on what logos we liked. We combed the web, magazines and more looking for logos that resonate with us personally. After rigorous discussion, we narrowed it down to the following shared criteria that fit our own company culture: clean, simple, fun and a little quirky. Like toast, really. We wanted something that reflected the current trends in digital and logo design, but that would last. With that in mind, we handed over to our Creative Director, Erik Verster.

Some of the many, many logos we looked at and liked.

Erik started by playing around with some hand drawn sketches before shortlisting his own favourites onto a digital document, which he presented to the rest of us. Twisted Toast tends towards vigorous internal debate on creative issues, but in a rare moment of mutual design alignment, the decision was unanimous — we like the last one, especially the twisted “s” detail.

Early concept options of the logo.

With the basic logo selected, Erik got to work refining our collective choice. The black text was dropped in favour of a toast colour and along with the pay-off line, strengthened. The toast itself was made somewhat more chunky. After an observation that the toast looks almost like a cartoon-style speech bubble, the decision was made to modify the illustration to accentuate the connection. As a result, the final logo evokes strong similarity to a speech bubble. (Add another one and the interconnectedness of digital brand content communication is accentuated.)

Toast + Speech Bubble = Bubbletoast!

Happy with the final logo, Erik then worked on a set colour palette for a variety of applications.

Twisted Toast logo colour palette.

The logo was further adapted for other digital uses — Facebook, Twitter, our corporate mail client and print applications. Each of the logos is available internally in a variety of sizes with options and formats to support applications such as varying backgrounds.

Twisted Toast digital logo applications.