Founded on 1 April 2011, Twisted Toast Digital is South Africa’s first dedicated digital brand content agency.

The advent of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the app internet and connected mobile media devices such as the iPhone and iPad have forever altered the marketing communication landscape and, for the first time, brand owners are capable of communicating with brand fans entirely on their own terms. While this trend can dis-intermediate traditional media owners, it has empowered brand owners, allowing them to leverage brand content across a variety of platforms to reach their brand fans directly.

Enter Twisted Toast: Digital Media Architects, brand content specialists. In the same way that brand owners use external advertising and publicity agencies to assist them with marketing campaign creation and execution, Twisted Toast assists brands with own media creation and execution across platforms with the express purpose of reaching and engaging new and existing customers.

This thinking has informed Twisted Toast’s trademarked mantra: All brands are content brands™. It’s Twisted Toast’s belief that in a digitally connected landscape of tablet devices, always-on mobile connectivity, the app Internet and persistent social media connections, brands can inject themselves into the digital narrative to engage directly with their customer and consumer fans in a real and measurable way, through trans-media storytelling. This brand content approach to marketing communication delivers value within the context of a real relationship with brand fans.   

Brand content strategy development

It all starts with content strategy, and Twisted Toast are brand content strategy experts. Content creation opportunities abound, but brands often do not recognise these, as content strategy has perhaps not yet been fully developed. With the use of the trademarked Twisted Toast Brand Content Continuum™  tool, a client brand’s marketing communication requirements are plotted within a brand content context. The specific, practical Twisted Toast services that can address these needs are then matched to deliver exactly what the client’s expectations of brand content are.

While brand content strategy drives the direction of digital marketing communication, Twisted Toast particularly excels at practically executing on all brand content deliverables, ensuring long-term, valuable brand fan engagement results.

Brand content production

With dedicated in-house expert resources for social media activation, editorial content production, design, video and picture production and editing, as well as access to premium digital development services, Twisted Toast is a full service brand content agency capable of delivering owned content from concept to execution. Whether a brand needs a basic, social-media integrated website for engaging with fans, or a full service cross-platform, trans-media strategy, Twisted Toast will be able to enrich the engagement a brand has with its fans.

CIR: Content investment return

One of the most important aspects of brand content strategy and execution is how it’s measured to gauge results continuously. To address this marketing communication requirement Twisted Toast has developed a trademarked suite of tools capable of quantifying content investment return™ (CIR), in real time.

Content investment return is different from traditional measurement criteria that haven’t kept pace with social media and the app Internet. As part of a standard, real time and post-campaign suite of analytical tools for all brand content executions, reports are generated seamlessly on a variety of metrics to ensure social media and other brand content platforms are delivering content investment return in line with expectations.

Qualitative measurement of brand content influence completes the Twisted Toast measurement analytics compendium.