“Everyone dies, but not everyone lives”

By Kim Browne

The other day, my kids were discussing their favourite holiday – for me it has always been December. I love having some decent time off, getting away from the humdrum of the regular routine and spending quality time with my immediate family. I may complain about the crowds – but really, I like the fact that others too are taking time off and spending it with their loved ones.

The lead-up to the holidays is also a special time that passes in a blur of activity. The intensity of exams is followed by frenzied shopping for all things Xmas and back-to-school, seeing friends and family for the all important end-of-year celebrations and trying to get those urgent projects out, before our agency closes for the holidays. The day before we leave almost always ends in an all-nighter doing lastminute.com things. It’s become part of our tradition.

With this extra activity load, on an already packed-schedule – by the time the holidays come, I’m usually completely exhausted and it takes me a few days to settle into the holiday. The first week is always my favourite, favourite – I’m living it, but the whole holiday is still ahead of me. Pure bliss.

Inevitably, relief from the daily routine of life brings with it a time of reflection. New Year’s resolutions are so last season, but I do like to reflect on the year that’s been and consider new adventures for the coming one. It’s just part of my DNA. This year, reflection came early though, instigated largely by the un-timely death of a friend.

Mark Feather died two weeks ago whilst participating in a surf-ski race in East London. We celebrated his life yesterday, on what would have been his 44th birthday on the banks of Emmarentia Dam at the Dabulamanzi Canoe Club. It was a poignant memorial attended by the many, many people whose lives “Sticks” had touched. Mark lived his life to the full and relished every moment of whatever adventure he was on. At the memorial we were reminded, “everyone dies, but not everyone lives.” In the spirit of Mark’s memory, I’m going to try hold on to that thought in 2015.

We’ve had an incredible year at Twisted Toast Digital and are thankful to so many for helping us live our dream. We may not know what lies ahead for the next year, but are planning for the ride of our lives.

Let the next leg of our adventure begin…

Happy holidays! Wishing you and your family peace, love and happiness in abundance :)