By Kim Browne

The truth in clichés

Talk is cheap, money (or in our case signed cost estimates, or CEs for short), buy the whiskey. The reasons why clichés are so popular is in fact because they are true!

Clients can call your ideas genius, tell you it needs just one more approval or even give you the go-ahead to start. But without that final signed CE, anything and everything (especially something left of field), can derail the best laid plans.

Sometimes a deal is so darn close you can taste it. But it never happens. Other times you write things off, not thinking they’ll actually come to fruition, only to be pleasantly surprised. It’s just so hard to tell.

When things we think will go our way then don’t, we’re getting better at picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and facing the next challenge. We might not like it, but hey, there’re so much opportunity out there (if you are open to it). Maybe the business we don’t get just wasn’t meant to be. C’est la vie.

July has been a busy and interesting month at The Toast. We’ve had more highs and lows than any preceding month, coupled with a few surprises and firsts. I truly believe our collective experience spanning 20+ years, has equipped us to handle whatever gets thrown our way in our current adventure. We get some crazy requests and find ourselves in curious predicaments. Our journey so far remains anything but boring.

Often we get asked if we’re up for the unusual. And this month, whether it’s a possible opportunity in West Africa or a chance to pitch on extraordinary business – our answer is always yes. We’re open for business. We’re open to extend ourselves. We’re open to any opportunity that comes our way.

July has been our best month yet @ The Toast. Busy-ness has resulted in us needing an additional design resource in the person of Wayne Smith. We got to meet and interview one of our business icons, Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence at The Coca-Cola Company. Michelle Looney from LogMeIn, Boston Massachusetts came to check us out and we welcomed journalism and media graduate Masebedi Molefi for work experience.

August has a lot to live up to :)