A World Cup media world

By Kim Browne

Where were you four years ago? We were publishing magazines and experiencing the euphoria associated with hosting the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Remember Soccer City? My son was eight years old and had the privilege of attending the opening, along with a few other games and has vivid memories still, many of which I’m sure he’ll remember as an adult.

What has really struck me is just how much the world has changed in just four years. Technology has changed our experience dramatically. It’s incredible to see that remotely operated drones are being used to detect and examine suspicious objects or explore dangerous environments, ensuring better safety for fans in Brazil.
The big change is of course the use of Goal-Line Technology, which should go a long way in alleviating frustration due to referee error.

Then there’s the vanishing spray. The water-based spray marks the position of the ball for a free-kick on the pitch. The spray will also mark the ten-yard line for the defending team. This prevents players forming a defensive wall too close to the ball. The spray appears as a white spot or line that automatically disappears in a minute. Neat!

But for me what’s truly revolutionary is that in addition to TV audience records being smashed and a Simpson’s episode being dedicated to the 2014 World Cup, for instance, it will be watched on multiple devices around the world.

According to a survey by Instant.ly on behalf of YuMe (a provider of digital video brand advertising solutions), the World Cup will be “The Ultimate Multi-Screen Event.” According to the results, watching World Cup matches on multiple devices is important to 46% of respondents. Live-streaming of the matches is also popular during the tournament. Check out the infographic here .

My own personal experience is that the myriad of quality apps available has enhanced the enthusiast’s experience dramatically and proves that fans want more. My son checks his preferred app first thing in the morning and we discuss the latest happenings at the breakfast table. Overnight, he’s recorded World Cup games he may have missed and watches the games he wants to, when he has time, so he can discuss the details with his friends and at the dinner table.

In-between all of this he plays the various games and watches live World Cup games on his iPad when the opportunity presents itself. He is fully immersed and engaged in everything related to soccer and loving every minute of it. It’s almost as good as being in Brazil – but not quite. Teleporting anyone?

June milestones at The Toast included saying adios to FHM at our unofficial wake on 13th June. It was wonderful to see many of the FHM family again. We also celebrated the winter solstice with our first braai at our new Mulberry Hill Office.

We’ve made it to half time in 2014 and the Joburg winter. Bring on longer days and warmer nights ☺