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The brave little toaster

By Louis Eksteen The amazing story of how the creation of digitally animated full-length feature films changed the art of animation forever in the late eighties has an unlikely beginning in the work of celebrated Pixar chief creative officer and Toy Storycreator John Lasseter. In the enlightening 2007 documentary The Pixar Story, Lasseter tells of [...]

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Welcome to Twisted Toast

The founders of Twisted Toast: Digital Media Architects. Louis Eksteen (Managing Director), Kim Browne (Chief Executive Officer) and Erik Verster (Creative Director)   Twisted Toast: Hybrid Marketing Agency is South Africa’s first fully-fledged brand content and real time marketing agency. Brand communication is morphing into real time content marketing During the last year marketing communication has [...]

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Twisted Toast brand identity

Every business has to start somewhere and for Twisted Toast and its digital presence, that story begins with our brand identity and logo. We began by polling the office on what logos we liked. We combed the web, magazines and more looking for logos that resonate with us personally. After rigorous discussion, we narrowed it [...]

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Twisted Toast launches!

Louis Eksteen and Kim Browne launch Twisted Toast Digital  First for South Africa with launch of dedicated brand content agency for digital media The publishing team behind the success of South Africa’s leading magazines FHM and heat, Kim Browne and Louis Eksteen, have launched Twisted Toast Digital –– a first for South Africa as a dedicated [...]

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What we do

Founded on 1 April 2011, Twisted Toast Digital is South Africa’s first dedicated digital brand content agency. The advent of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the app internet and connected mobile media devices such as the iPhone and iPad have forever altered the marketing communication landscape and, for the first time, brand owners [...]

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The Twisted Toast Brand Content Continuum

[h5]Twisted Toast's tool for matching our services to your brand content requirements[/h5] Twisted Toast’s Brand Content Continuum™ is an interactive tool used to determine the appropriate Twisted Toast services that will match a brand’s content requirements. This tool plots a brand’s current internet, social web and own content creation activities on the continuum. The TTBCC also [...]

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Three new marketing communication trends

Trend 1: The social web and app internet The way in which the internet is used is changing. With the advent of a new range of mobile connected and enabling devices, the internet is increasingly being used to access dedicated, specifically functional programmes commonly known as apps. These bespoke application tools fit easily into connected [...]

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What exactly do you guys do? Twisted Toast is a full service digital and brand content agency, so we’re capable of servicing any digital need from design to development, including social media activation. But our speciality is assisting clients with creating own brand content. We’re a beverage/car/financial services company. We don’t produce content like media [...]

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Twisted Toast – the story behind the name!

The South African Drakensberg (so named as the mountain peaks resemble a dragon's spine) is the country's highest mountain range and home to wonderful getaway destinations. One such retreat is Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse gourmet lodge. The gorgeous Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse Richard and Mouse Poynton (proprietors), cut their teeth at the well-loved and long-remembered Granny [...]

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