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Twisted Toast now a member of the DMMA!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Twisted Toast: Digital Media Architects are officially members of the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA). Formerly the OPA, the DMMA is an independent, voluntary, non-profit association focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital industry within South Africa. The DMMA currently represents over 55 [...]

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The story of the Twisted Toast offices

Twisted Toast’s first month of operation was spent working out of our MD Louis Eksteen’s home in true start-up style. The plan was however, to always move into a professional office as soon as possible. We had already secured office space above Starcom at the Country Club Estate in Woodmead, but we were only able to [...]

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A toast to toast in popular culture

Toast: it's everywhere! Whether it's enjoyed as a light mid-afternoon snack, in bed with a cup of tea, or as part of a complete breakfast buffet, toast is an indispensable part of the breakfast landscape. There's something inherently soothing and fundamentally satisfying about a slice of good toast, which explains why it's so popular, and [...]

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Ready, steady, go!

By Kim Browne The much anticipated launch day for Twisted Toast finally arrived on Friday 01 April 2011. One of the first decisions we made was that the founding four plus our non-executive Chairman were going to go for lunch at the ever-popular quaint Portuguese Johannesburg restaurant, Parreirinha to celebrate our existence. At Twisted Toast [...]

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The story of the Twisted Toast business cards

The business card is an old paper staple of company information, and an unavoidable part of doing business, even in an age of Facebook, cloud computing and paperless offices. But being a somewhat quirky bunch at Twisted Toast, we wanted something slightly different with our business cards. Having created the Twisted Toast corporate identity, creative [...]

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Twisted Toast in the news

It's been a crazy busy first fortnight in the Twisted Toast offices, with client pitches, setting up our new offices and generally getting stuck in the crazy tempo and frenetic energy of a startup, but we still had enough time to check who's been talking about us! Twisted Toast in the news recently (01/4 - [...]

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Fresh, hot toast!

By Kim Browne A month in the life of a startup The month of March has truly been memorable and will definitely be talked about by the four founders of Twisted Toast at many a social gathering going forward. Still “officially” employed by the company we previously worked for, but with the dismantling of the [...]

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Flying toasters and the world of screen savers

In modern times the use of personal computer screen savers has changed with the advent of liquid crystal (LCD) and light emitting diode (LED) displays. Back in the day, however, in the early develoment of personal computing, the display screen technology used would literally burn an image of what’s on your screen into the screen [...]

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The brave little toaster

By Louis Eksteen The amazing story of how the creation of digitally animated full-length feature films changed the art of animation forever in the late eighties has an unlikely beginning in the work of celebrated Pixar chief creative officer and Toy Storycreator John Lasseter. In the enlightening 2007 documentary The Pixar Story, Lasseter tells of [...]

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Welcome to Twisted Toast

The founders of Twisted Toast: Digital Media Architects. Louis Eksteen (Managing Director), Kim Browne (Chief Executive Officer) and Erik Verster (Creative Director)   Twisted Toast: Hybrid Marketing Agency is South Africa’s first fully-fledged brand content and real time marketing agency. Brand communication is morphing into real time content marketing During the last year marketing communication has [...]

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