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Glad to welcome spring

Happy spring day! By Kim Browne Wow – what happened to August? Spring has arrived early after a pretty mild winter in Gauteng and the year continues to fly by in a flurry of busyness. The last three weeks have been particularly hectic at The Toast, with six successful CAT® 426F2 Backhoe Loader launch events [...]

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It’s a girl thing

Viva women! By Kim Browne The Toast remains busy-ness personified, but it would be counter culture for us not to have something to celebrate! Since August’s theme is women’s month I thought it fitting to spotlight the incredibly talented women who make up half of our design team. Angela is our very own design angel [...]

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No room for cheap and loose

Pay as you go By Kim Browne We’ve been on a two-month sabbatical from writing and compiling our TOAST newsletter. It certainly wasn’t intentional and would be suicidal in the professional publishing space, where I learnt almost everything I know business-wise, before successfully launching Twisted Toast. It is what it is and we have lots [...]

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A toast to six

This toast has been six years in the making By Kim Browne Like many South Africans I have been reading with horror what Zuma and his cronies have been up to overnight and am truly stunned how this man remains the president of our beautiful country. We should know better after everything we’ve been through! [...]

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Excellent start to the year

#Toast@TheCoast By Kim Browne The first quarter of 2017 has started and the year is off to an excellent start – I’m just not quite sure where January and February went! The Toasters are all well into the year, with no luxury of “easing into things”. It’s just been work at full throttle from day [...]

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A toast to the holidays

#2016mustfall By Kim Browne It seems everyone I speak to agrees on one thing: #2016mustfall. It’s been a tough, hectic year and everyone around me deserves a break! Our office will be closed from 15 December (end of year staff lunch) until 4 January 2017 so The Toasters can recharge batteries and come back ready [...]

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Can we put up our Xmas tree already?

The holidays are coming By Kim Browne We’ve reached that crazy, wonderful time of year when the countdown to the December holidays seems to rev up. There’s less than eight weeks to Xmas and everyone seems to need everything super-urgently. The problem is when everything is urgent, we can’t really prioritise anything and we blindly [...]

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Bob’s your uncle

Hello summer By Kim Browne Just when I thought we’d had all the bad news for the year, we heard about the passing of Louis and my first boss in the media industry, Bob Harrison earlier this month. It really has been one heck of a year and I guess it’s not over until it’s [...]

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Spring into action

Spring is in the air! By Kim Browne Spring is my favourite time of the year. After a tough few winter months, I am more than happy to throw myself into the last quarter of the year. I saw on Facebook earlier this week that Xmas is just 16 Mondays away… This time of year [...]

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Towards the light

Winter solstice By Kim Browne The winter solstice has come and gone and even though some say “the worst of winter is yet to come”, it’s always a turning point for me. Every day it stays lighter for longer and soon we’ll be waking up to spring. I’m not a winter person and I like [...]

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