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By Kim Browne On the eve of our official second birthday (1 April 2013), we continue to delight in the joys of running our own little enterprise. March has been a fabulously busy month at The Toast and we are enthralled at having gained a piece of retainer business, which originated with an Internet search. [...]

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March Expresso

Loved up February By Kim Browne For as far back as I can remember, February has always been a significant month on the yearly calendar. There are a number of life-changing events (good and bad) that I can personally trace back to February. Positively, it’s the shortest month of the year, high summer (hot!) and [...]

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Lucky number 13

We love to go all out at The Toast and the summer holidays were good to all of us Toasters. After a solid break, we’re back and ready for the year we’re calling "lucky number 13". Change and renewal are ever constant and January is a great time to kick-start fresh ideas. Constant minor refinements [...]

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Kim’s December Musings

The year that Gotye! Those who know us well aren’t surprised that we like things twisted at The Toast. And there’s nothing quite like a challenge to stir us up like an extra foamy cappuccino. Looking back, as we approach our second Xmas at The Toast — we’ve had quite a year so far... Time has [...]

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