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Twisted Toast Digital is a hybrid inbound marketing and brand content agency.

Top 10 TV apps

TV apps, because pay TV is for people who haven’t heard of the internet By Louis Eksteen TV apps, accessed via mobile devices, computers and media players for HD TV sets are taking over from pay TV for movies and TV shows. And sport. According to the latest information, cord-cutting in America has increased markedly during [...]

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Connected agriculture

Technology use grows in connected agriculture By Louis Eksteen For centuries farming has been at the forefront of technological development. I’m a fan of Jethro Tull the rock band, but the real Jethro Tull was a renowned agricultural technology innovator. Mr Tull revolutionised seed planting methodologies, amongst other significant agricultural achievements. He would have thrived in today’s connected [...]

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Robo-advice comes to town

SmartRand launches robo-advice By Louis Eksteen   The investment advice industry is abuzz about robo-advice. Overseas, especially in America, online-only investment advice is all the rage. Locally SmartRand, an online investment advice platform powered by Galileo Capital, launched recently. What makes SmartRand different from the usual American robo-advisors is its implementation of a combination of investment advice [...]

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In a digital state

A digital state of mind By Louis Eksteen I’ve recently become a subscriber to Amazon Prime. Having been a loyal Amazon fan for many years, I decided to try its digital content and subscription benefits, such as early shipping and special deals. I’m hooked! What surprised me the most about Amazon Prime is that it put [...]

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Streaming entertainment drives Hollywood

Streaming entertainment means online movies and TV By Louis Eksteen Streaming entertainment is fast becoming the norm for connected households. The latest music download numbers are a clear indication of a worldwide move towards streaming entertainment, rather than downloading and owning. (A quirky trend in the diametrically opposite direction is the massive increase in vinyl record sales. I, [...]

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A social mixup

A mixup of personal and business on social By Louis Eksteen The world of social media causes interesting mixups. Personal and business lives are much closer these days than in a past when one's personal and business activities were easily differentiated. Today, most people have some sort of social mixup happening in their lives. The easy [...]

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Brand content trends

The state of brand content By Louis Eksteen   As a hybrid marketing agency, we try and keep our finger on the pulse of modern marketing developments. Brand content is of special interest, because content marketing seems to be accelerating in importance in marketing strategy rooms around the world. To start, our understanding of brand content is [...]

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Holdouts lose

Why holdouts lose in the long run By Louis Eksteen A holdout is someone who refuses to accept change. They appear in all walks of life. Property holdouts are those people who refuse to sell their houses or buildings to make way for new developments. In the end they always lose, because new buildings are simply [...]

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Native ads are advertorial

Native ads: New name for retro marketing By Louis Eksteen   Native ads have been the rage for a while. Basically joining advertising and content marketing it's touted as, to channel Tom Wolf, this week's marketing tool of the century. But, wait for it, in reality it's just an oldie (but a goodie). The traditional magazine world developed [...]

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Facebook importance grows

A mobile Facebook's higher influence By Louis Eksteen   At Twisted Toast Digital we've recently been involved in a number of social media campaigns for a diverse range of clients. Facebook featured strongly in all these highly successful social activities. The news this week that Facebook has delivered sterling financial results for its second quarter therefore did not come as [...]

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