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Making hay

By Kim Browne I've been thinking a lot recently about the the things they never tell you about owning your own business. Or maybe "they" do, but I just wasn't listening. Let's talk about control as a start. It's not hard to imagine that if you're running your own business, you've got more control, right? [...]

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It’s a matter of heritage

September we looked forward to celebrating Heritage Day, with a braai-day. It also marked Spring Equinox and the imminent arrival of summer! Getting back from the Loeries in Cape Town, it also offered us a welcome respite before returning back to work on Wednesday. It struck me this year that Heritage Day has definitely gained [...]

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A spring in your step!

At a recent voice over recording, the artist said -- according to his grandmother, stress is a choice. I was quick to agree, but it got me thinking about what is stressing me out at the moment. The first word to pop in my mind was procrastination, the true thief of time. Running your own [...]

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Open for busy-ness

By Kim Browne The truth in clichés Talk is cheap, money (or in our case signed cost estimates, or CEs for short), buy the whiskey. The reasons why clichés are so popular is in fact because they are true! Clients can call your ideas genius, tell you it needs just one more approval or even [...]

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Talking about a revolution

By Kim Browne Listening to my kids arguing about the meaning of revolution was rather enlightening. “In history, a revolution means a complete change,” Zoe explains patiently to her 11-year-old brother Dylan. He counters that no, it actually means to go around in a circle – mathematically speaking. I’ve never thought about it that way [...]

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The bright side of winter blues

The bright side of winter blues By Kim Browne Hello winter. Not my favourite time of the year, I’ll confess – but this year I’m adamant about concentrating on the positives associated with Jo’burg winters cold, short days. Firstly, it’s only really eight weeks long. I love snuggling in my thick, warm, goose-down duvet laden [...]

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Dive in!

This month changed my life By Kim Browne A year ago our family started planning a diving holiday along the unspoilt Kwa-Zulu Natal coastline. We had loads of time to get our diving qualifications. But as John Lennon lamented: “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”. Before I knew it, we had [...]

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Found online…

By Kim Browne On the eve of our official second birthday (1 April 2013), we continue to delight in the joys of running our own little enterprise. March has been a fabulously busy month at The Toast and we are enthralled at having gained a piece of retainer business, which originated with an Internet search. [...]

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March Expresso

Loved up February By Kim Browne For as far back as I can remember, February has always been a significant month on the yearly calendar. There are a number of life-changing events (good and bad) that I can personally trace back to February. Positively, it’s the shortest month of the year, high summer (hot!) and [...]

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