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Lucky number 13

We love to go all out at The Toast and the summer holidays were good to all of us Toasters. After a solid break, we’re back and ready for the year we’re calling "lucky number 13". Change and renewal are ever constant and January is a great time to kick-start fresh ideas. Constant minor refinements [...]

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Kim’s December Musings

The year that Gotye! Those who know us well aren’t surprised that we like things twisted at The Toast. And there’s nothing quite like a challenge to stir us up like an extra foamy cappuccino. Looking back, as we approach our second Xmas at The Toast — we’ve had quite a year so far... Time has [...]

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Kim’s November Musings

October is always such a busy month and seems to disappear before you can really get into it! At The Toast we managed to sign two new project clients, which will allow us to do a whole bunch of new stuff to add to our portfolio in the coming months. As always, we’re working hard [...]

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Kim’s Musings – October

Small business rocks! Homonyms can be tricky. They are spelt and sound the same, but mean very different things. Let’s take the root word “rock”. It can mean cool and fun, but it can also be an object found in nature, something solid or even movement. The adjective “rocky” can mean tough and hard. Talk [...]

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Kim’s Musings – September

By Kim Browne Keeping it real Snow in Johannesburg and summer preceding spring in the big smoke; life has certainly been rather strange this August. In the spirit of keeping things real and honest and not believing your own BS, we would be spinning a large yarn if we said this month has been easy. [...]

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Kim’s Musings – August

Bru-wing in July! If you had foretold a year ago that we’d be brewing our very own Twisted Toast beer in 2012 I would have thought you were smoking something. I mean, I’m really more of a champagne girl myself. But we get to do some crazy stuff at The Toast. It all started with [...]

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Mid-winter hunger pangs – Kim’s July musings

June has been a great month at The Toast. We continue to beat our monthly and YTD budgets and with four months of this financial year in the bag, we’re in a good place. That doesn’t mean we’re not hungry... we relish opportunities to pitch for new business. Dedicating resources to get signed business out [...]

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June Solstice – Kim’s June musings

May has been a great month at The Toast. We’ve delivered work we’re really proud of for clients such as Vodacom Group Ltd (HD presentation art for the group’s annual results), the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), Nature’s Health Products, Chartered Wealth Solutions stationery and a fabulous trade campaign for OOH experts MMAP. We’re also [...]

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Still standing! Kim’s May Musings

April is a crazy month. All the holidays wreck havoc with regular routine and the best made plans. It’s a great month to have a birthday though and in true Twisted Toast style, we literally and figuratively made a feast of it. Thank you to those of you who could share our first birthday celebrations [...]

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Kim’s Musings: April 2012

It’s already been a year and the month of March was a disruptive one, here at the Toast. We have to admit that it hasn’t been without challenges. With the storms early on in the month, our ADSL was fried and it took the better part of a month to get it sorted. We moved [...]

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