Our wonderful country

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From the Drakensberg to the Swartland, this land is your land and this land is my land  I’ve been privileged to have been able to visit two of our country’s most captivating destinations recently. First, my family and I visited one of my favourite places in the world, the Drakensberg.  This magical mountain range occupies a truly special place in my heart.

Tech-Driven Agriculture Flourishes Amidst Traditional Art Scene’s Digital Reluctance

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Farmers are better at digital than the art world  The digital landscapes of two unique sectors have piqued my interest recently: the tech-infused agriculture industry and the conventionally-bound art world. Each of them stands at a distinct point in its digital journey, revealing a compelling contrast.

Twisted Toast Digital: Your Trusted Partner for Bespoke Marketing Solutions

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Big or small, old or new, we can help with all your marketing needs In today’s digital era, the difference between a good business and a great one often lies in its ability to adapt, innovate and leverage technology to communicate effectively with its audience. At Twisted Toast Digital, we understand this intricate landscape and are committed to offering bespoke marketing solutions, designed to help your business thrive, regardless of its size or the complexity of its needs.

Optimising content for AI queries: A guide

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Leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance your content strategy Introduction The era of optimising content for traditional search engines is evolving as artificial intelligence (AI) begins to play a larger role in internet queries. Previously, search engine optimisation (SEO) was focused on creating quality content for Google’s search algorithm. However, the emergence of AI-powered language models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has drastically altered the landscape of content creation and optimisation.

What we can learn from our best friends

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It’s a dog’s life at The Toast My cocker spaniel fur kid Simba, almost never leaves my side when I’m at home. He is my shadow companion and lights up my day with his always-on zest for adventure, not to mention his larger than life personality! Simba’s smile is contagious when I walk in the door and there are few things better than knowing he’s always keen to embrace doing whatever I’m busy with, alongside me (unless it involves his bath time…).

12 Years of growth: The power of the journey

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A wild 12-year ride continues: New challenges, new milestones As Twisted Toast Digital celebrates its 12th birthday, I’m reminded that the journey is what truly counts. The experience of discovery, the highs and lows, the agony and ecstasy and the ride itself — these are the things that matter, not a mystical final destination. So far, it has been the best trip I could wish for. And what a long, strange trip it’s been.

Our clients make us who we are

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Shared values lead to mutual respect At Twisted Toast Digital, we believe our clients make us who we are. As a digital first, hybrid marketing agency that values excellence in every aspect of our work, we know that the success of any business depends on the quality of its clients. This is why we choose our clients carefully, seeking those who share our values, vision and goals.

A toast to 12!

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AI made me do it If you're looking for a lucky number, look no further than 12! Not only is it divisible by 2 and 3, making it a hit with mathematicians, but it also has significance in astrology, with 12 different zodiac signs to choose from. And let's not forget the practical applications - when you need a convenient quantity of something, a dozen, or 12, is always a safe bet. Plus, with 12 hours on a clock, you'll always have time to enjoy all life has to offer! So next time you see the number 12, take a moment to appreciate all the ways it makes life just a little bit sweeter!

Honey on Toast

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The Toast’s 12 birthday feels a bit like those Facebook friendaversaries that clap and cheer as it announces you and so-and-so have been friends for THREE YEARS! When actually you knew each other when you had pimples and braces.

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