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Keeping things fresh

Min dae By Kim Browne I think most people will agree that 2017 has been a tough year on a number of levels and we’ll be happy to see the back of it. It’s min dae now with just 10 days to Xmas and two weeks until the start of the new year – where [...]

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Silly season

Counting down ’til Xmas By Kim Browne It’s hard to believe Halloween has come and gone and we have officially entered the pre-Xmas madness rush to get everything done that is still outstanding. A client of ours asked me today what is our busiest time and reflecting back on the year that’s been, we seem [...]

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Beware of click fraud

The Wild West of online ads By Louis Eksteen The humble banner ad originated at Wired magazine when its creator started using this advertising unit on the then-influential magazine's website (HotWired) in October 1994. I remember HotWired well, as I was busy researching the early origins of the web for a varsity project. This was a time [...]

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Automated investment advice trends

Automated investment advice gains traction By Louis Eksteen At Twisted Toast we are proud to be the technology provider to SmartRand™, South Africa's first automated investment advice product, commonly know as a robo adviser. Since creating SmartRand as a stand-alone product, we have enhanced the technology with our partners Galileo Capital to now be able to [...]

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Glad to welcome spring

Happy spring day! By Kim Browne Wow – what happened to August? Spring has arrived early after a pretty mild winter in Gauteng and the year continues to fly by in a flurry of busyness. The last three weeks have been particularly hectic at The Toast, with six successful CAT® 426F2 Backhoe Loader launch events [...]

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It’s a girl thing

Viva women! By Kim Browne The Toast remains busy-ness personified, but it would be counter culture for us not to have something to celebrate! Since August’s theme is women’s month I thought it fitting to spotlight the incredibly talented women who make up half of our design team. Angela is our very own design angel [...]

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Business is creativity

Creativity is scarce; use it well By Louis Eksteen One of my favourite writers is the Czechoslovakian great Milan Kundera. His quote that “business has only two functions - marketing and innovation,” for me means he values creativity as an essential part of business, because both marketing and innovation require original thinking of a creative kind. (Kundera [...]

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The internet isn’t perfect; don’t expect it to be

Don’t think the digital world always delivers By Louis Eksteen Just because the internet and its myriad machinations mostly work, it doesn’t mean it always does. Websites aren’t always available, email isn’t always received, passwords aren’t always safe, things aren’t always what they seem to be on the internet and the cloud... well, the cloud isn’t really [...]

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No room for cheap and loose

Pay as you go By Kim Browne We’ve been on a two-month sabbatical from writing and compiling our TOAST newsletter. It certainly wasn’t intentional and would be suicidal in the professional publishing space, where I learnt almost everything I know business-wise, before successfully launching Twisted Toast. It is what it is and we have lots [...]

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